6 Hot New SIG Sauer Guns for 2018

posted on January 21, 2018
SIG Sauer galloped out of the gate with a number of new releases ahead of SHOT Show 2018 at its own range day, where product managers, shooters and media members all came together to examine some of the latest and greatest from the company. In particular, six different guns jumped out as the top-tier offerings from SIG's dedicated team of designers and engineers. Here's a quick look at all six:

1. SIG Sauer P365

Undoubtedly, the new SIG Sauer P365 concealed-carry pistol is one of the hot items of SHOT Show 2018. The new gun is classified as a "high-capacity micro-compact" by SIG and promises to be a game-changing innovation to the concealed-carry market.

The P365 incorporates a patented magazine design combined with a specially designed grip frame that allows for a carry capacity of 10 rounds in a flush-fit magazine, all with a grip measuring exactly 1 inch wide. The pistol also comes with night sights and has options for an extended 10-round magazine and a larger-capacity 12-round magazine.

SIG also plans to release a number of light and laser accessories compatible with the proprietary frame rail included on the gun. The proprietary design of the rail developed in order to keep a slim overall profile that contributed to the pistol's easy-carry design.

2. SIG Sauer MCX Rattler

SIG rolled out its unique MCX Rattler late in 2017, and the company promises to make a dedicated push on the platform, getting it into the hands of demanding consumers who have stretched SIG's supply to the limit in trying to get their hands on this innovative platform.

The Rattler developed following an unusual request posed to the company's engineering department, and engineers tweaked the MCX rifle design to the limit, creating an ultra-compact firearm with a barrel length of only 5.5 inches and a collapsible pistol brace that allows the gun to measure in at less than 20 inches.

To allow for reliable, repeatable operation, the MCX Rattler's gas system needed to be built from the ground up to perform in the decreased space, and SIG streamlined the outside of the pistol in order to allow for easy, discreet carry in any pack. Currently, one model chambered in .300 BLK is available.

3. SIG Sauer M17

SIG Sauer made news in 2017 with the announcement that the M17, based on the modular P320 pistol, had won the U.S. military contract for the Modular Handgun System. Subsequently, the company has worked diligently over the past year to fulfill its contract, with the first pistols being delivered to members of the 101st Airborne in late 2017.

However, many in the commercial market are eager to get their hands on the new M17, especially considering that the new pistol includes several features not found in the standard P320 lineup, like the mil-standard FDE Cerakote finish, a manual thumb safety and a milled slide plate designed to accept micro red-dot optics.

Due to the gun's similarity with the modular P320 platform, the grip modules used on the M17 are interchangeable with other grip modules designed for the P320 lineup, making it a great addition to any P320 owner's collection.

4. SIG Sauer MCX Virtus

Versatility and modularity have always been the hallmarks of the MCX rifle lineup, and SIG enhanced these characteristics by enhancing a number of features on the gun, creating the all-new MCX Virtus. 

The Virtus is equipped with a heavier barrel in order to enhance accuracy and durability. Accuracy and precision are also enhanced through the inclusion of the company's all-new Matchlite Duo trigger, a two-stage design that offers a crisp pull. The bolt itself also underwent a redesign in order to diminish wear and lengthen service life.

The already-modular MCX became even more modular with the Virtus upgrade, allowing consumers to choose between eight separate M-Lok handguard arrangements. Different-length barrels are also available and are designed to be easily interchangeable by owners.

5. SIG Sauer P938 "Stand"

SIG rolled out its "We The People" 1911 in 2017 in order to honor American tradition and values, and the company's commitment to patriotism continues with the release of its new P938 "Stand" pistol. SIG partnered with United Sporting Companies to produce the gun. Two organizations in particular are supported by pistol sales, Honored American Veterans Afield and Concerns of Police Survivors, and a portion of the profits goes to each organization to support wounded veterans, active-duty military members and families of fallen law-enforcement officers.

The gun features a stone-washed slide finish paired with an attractive matte-black frame. The grips feature inset stars to represent all the states in the union, and the slide features two engravings: "1776" on the left side and "We The People" on the right.

Otherwise, the "Stand" pistol incorporates all the familiar controls and characteristics of the popular P938 pistol platform, so fans of the company's pocket-pistol lineup can look forward to adding this attractive, unique, patriotic pistol to their collection.

6. SIG Sauer 716 DMR in 6.5 Creedmoor

There's no doubt that the 6.5 Creedmoor is here to stay as a long-range cartridge, and the round has exploded in popularity over the last few years. SIG is dedicated to supporting this flat-shooting, easy-recoiling, long-range round with new options in the company's precision 716 DMR lineup.

In addition to the new chambering, SIG engineers also made a couple of new changes to the rifle. The addition of Magpul's PRS stock enhances customization and shooter comfort. The handguard has also undergone a redesign, moving from a two-piece arrangement to a single-piece design. The rifle also incorporates a continuous Picatinny top rail with 20 MOA of elevation built in for added dialing capabilities at long distances.


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