5 Great Hand Tools for AR-15 Rifle Maintenance

posted on March 20, 2018

When it comes to maintaining your AR-15, having the right tools on hand can be the difference between success and frustration. These five tools are easily stored and used by any AR aficionado and all provide essential functions:

Packed with functionality, the Real Avid Gun Tool Pro-AR15 is a collection of the most-essential gunsmithing implements used by law enforcement, the military and civilians, combined in a handy multi-tool. The rugged frame includes liner locks and houses 35 items designed to keep AR-pattern rifles running reliably. In addition to Allen- and Torx-head keys, a claw-point utility knife and a fine-toothed file, it also includes a cotter-pin puller, a bolt-override tool and even an A1/A2 front-sight adjuster. MSRP: $49.99

B. Constructed from heat-resistant Nomex, the material of the Otis Ripcord .223/5.56 NATO acts as both a brush and a patch to loosen and capture fouling. Because it’s made from Nomex, you can dive right in after shooting without worrying about heat damage. Its helix shape engages the rifling and the molded-rubber core keeps the cleaning surface pressed against the bore. MSRP $14.99

C. With 11 tools from which to choose, having a Samson Manufacturing Field Survivor 1 at your disposal is like having an armorer at your fingertips. Included are a broken-shell extractor, a bore brush and wire for breech-to-muzzle cleaning, a carbon scraper, a flat-blade screwdriver, a front-sight tool, a magazine feed-lip gauge and adjustment tool, a gas-key cleaner, an ampule for oil and a strike plate. Best of all, it’s small enough to carry in the base of an A2-style pistol grip. MSRP: $94.99

D. Designed to be used to clear double-feeds and/or stubborn over-pressured rounds where the casing is stuck in the chamber, leverage from the U.S. Tool And Design Manual Bolt Extraction Device (MBED) provides a lightning-fast means of getting you and your rifle back into the fight. Easy to pack thanks to its size and shape, it is a solid hunk of metal, providing peace of mind, too. MSRP: $35

E. Weighing 1.4 ounces, the CAT Outdoors AR-15 CAT M-4 Talon Field Kit has much to offer. Designed to simplify cleaning and maintenance of AR-platform rifles in the field, it is comprised of five tools designed to remove carbon buildup from the tail portion of the bolt and inside the carrier of America’s rifle. Holes along its body can be used to quickly remove firing-pin gunk and it can even serve as a makeshift driver as it accepts standard hex-head bits. An AR-10 variant is also available. The included Talon tool makes for quick and easy cleaning of the barrel’s lug recesses. MSRP: $64


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