5 Essential Tools for the Firearm Tinkerer

posted on November 6, 2018
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The prevalence of home-based tinkering on firearms is at an all-time high, particularly thanks to guns like the AR-15 that allow for an incredible range of modularity and customization. To serve that expanding market, many manufacturers are offering purpose-built tools that make home tinkering easier and frustration-free. Check out these five options on the market that are sure to improve your workbench:

Lone Wolf Distributors’ Armorer’s Tool Kit features the fourth edition of “The Complete Glock Reference Guide.” Contained within are detailed diagrams and more than 400 photos. Subjects include a company history, assembly/disassembly, maintenance, customization and parts interchangeability. An armorer’s tool serves as a pin punch, bristle brush, front-sight nut driver and a flat-blade screwdriver. A rubber bench mat provides a handy work surface.
MSRP: $56.69 lonewolfdist.com

B. Precision adjustable from 15- to 70-inch-pounds, Brownells’ Magna-Tip Adjustable Torque Wrench provides the exact amount of leverage required, in 1-inch-pound increments to accurately tighten any gun or optic screw. The ergonomic handle of the .25-inch hex-driver socket is rubber coated to foster ample leverage, while its magnetic base is compatible with any Brownells Magna-Tip bit. It also includes six bits commonly required for gunsmithing. MSRP: $79.99 brownells.com

C. Make detailed work easier with Wheeler Engineering’s Master Gunsmithing Handheld Magnifier. The 10X lens sports an integral LED light for added clarity, along with a graduated scale for added precision. While its design allows the tool to be placed flat on your workbench, the included carry case makes it a welcome addition to any toolkit or range bag. MSRP: $17.99 btibrands.com

D. Whether it is kept on your loading bench or stored in your toolbox, the RCBS Fold-up Hex Key Wrench provides a convenient means of keeping eight heat-treated hex keys in a single tool, while remaining close at hand and compact for easy storage. Sizes include .050-, 1/16-, 5/64-, 3/32-, 7/64-, 1/8-, 9/64- and 5/32-inch. MSRP: $10.95 rcbs.com

E. The Real Avid Armorer’s Master Wrench boasts torque accuracy from its multiple fixtures. There are also barrel-nut wrenches compatible with AR mil-spec and freefloat tubes, a castle-nut wrench capable of working around the aforementioned as well as aftermarket end plates, a muzzle brake wrench, and even a fixed-stock receiver-extension wrench. The ergonomic hammer  accepts three interchangeable heads: brass, nylon and rubber, which easily store in recesses along the handle. MSRP: $59.99 realavid.com


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