40 Small Items to Improve Your Shooting Range Bag

posted on December 23, 2017

The Propper Range Bag, shown above, is available in olive and black and has room for all your shooting-range supplies, big or small.

Of course, you pack the important stuff in your range bag – such as eye and ear protection, first aid kit, extra mags, speed loaders, you know the drill. What about the little stuff? The stuff that can make all the difference between suffering and success on the range? Have you packed that stuff? Do you know what it is?

We asked The Well Armed Woman chapter leaders from across the nation about the little stuff in their range bags. Here’s what they listed:

  1. Tape measure to measure target grouping and distances
  2. Wet wipes (Hoppe's Lead-B-Gone is a great option)
  3. A piece of weed-whacker line - to check for blockage in a barrel
  4. Chapstick
  5. Extra socks
  6. Tweezers – for splinter removal
  7. Manicure kit – for broken nails, and has been used in a pinch as tool kit for a gun
  8. Sharpie
  9. Bandana – for head, sweat or rag to wipe grease
  10. Shooting log book with Rite in the Rain pen
  11. Tongue depressers – to hold across rear sight to teach sight alignment
  12. Bore snake
  13. Dummy rounds
  14. Left and right hand diagnostic targets – to help others learn where they need to improve grouping
  15. Leatherman
  16. Tape of all types – plaster, plumbers, painters, duct
  17. Spray sunscreen
  18. Leather work gloves
  19. Tissues
  20. Maglula Uplula magazine loader
  21. Pasties to cover up target holes
  22. Bug spray
  23. Lead wipes
  24. Rain poncho
  25. Flashlight
  26. Cleaning kit
  27. Brass rod
  28. Bore light
  29. Shower cap – to cover gun if it will be in the rain for a while before you shoot it
  30. Safety vest
  31. Hair ties
  32. Lavender oil – for brass burns
  33. Angle tweezers and forceps – for getting stuck rounds out of barrels
  34. Batteries
  35. Glasses cleaner wipes
  36. Optics cleaning pen
  37. DOPE card
  38. Spent brass bag
  39. Shooting gloves
  40. Luggage tag – place on outside of your bag

Have you checked your range bag lately? How could you make your life better with the addition of a few of these tiny items?


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