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First Look: Samson Manufacturing Flash Hiders for Ruger 10/22

First Look: Samson Manufacturing Flash Hiders for Ruger 10/22

Samson Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of firearms parts and accessories, is known for making high-quality components for a wide variety of rifles. From the AR-15 to the Ruger Mini-14 and others, the company has built its reputation on its craftsmanship and its innovation. Now it is releasing a new Flash Hider for Ruger 10/22 rifles equipped with iron sights. The flash hiders slide right on to their muzzle of the 10/22 and are available in either black oxide or stainless steel, and are secured by a discreetly positioned set screw.

The Ruger 10/22 is one of America’s most-popular rifles, with an almost limitless ability for upgrade and add-ons. From new stocks to new sights to new triggers, the only limitation on your 10/22 is your imagination and your budget. The Samson Flash Hider allows you to install a muzzle device on your gun without the need to add threading to the end of the barrel of a 10/22.

A flash hider reduces the effects of the muzzle flash on the person using the gun, making it easier to see the impact on the target and minimizing the flinch that some gun owners experience when shooting a gun. The Samson 10/22 Flash Hider is a quality accessory that feels like part of the barrel that is precision machined to close tolerances to ensure a wobble-free fit. These flash hiders are the perfect addition for customers who want a customized look to their otherwise stock 10/22 rifles.

Samson Ruger 10/22 Flash Hider Features
Stainless steel construction
Available in black oxide or stainless steel
Slip-on fit and secures with a single set screw
2.5-inch length
0.860-inch outside diameter

MSRP for the Samson Ruger 10/22 Flash Hider is $24.95, and more information on this product and other items from Samson Manufacturing is available at samson-mfg.com.

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