First Look: Speer Gold Dot Carry Gun Ammunition

posted on June 29, 2020

Speer is known for making the proven Gold Dot G2 hollow-point bullet, a round that is trusted by law enforcement agencies around the world and by armed citizens throughout the U.S. Now Speer has modified the Gold Dot G2 to create a new product line, called Gold Dot Carry Gun. This new ammunition is designed to provide superior feeding, ballistics and terminal performance through today’s compact handguns. Products in the Carry Gun lineup include a 9 mm 135-grain round, a .40 S&W 165-grain round and a.45 ACP 200-grain +P round. 

“Most shooters believe that a defensive bullet—any defensive bullet—will perform well in typical self-defense situations. But a duty bullet that is designed and optimized for a full-sized duty handgun may not perform to the same standard when shot from a short-barreled carry or backup gun,” said Federal Handgun Ammunition Product Manager Chris Laack. “By taking the Gold Dot G2 bullet and customizing it to function in short-barreled defense pistols Speer has created a self-defense load truly optimized for the guns in which it will be carried.” 

Gold Dot Carry Gun ammo features proven bullet nose design from the original G2 bullet. However, instead of a large hollow-point cavity of the G2, the Gold Dot Carry Gun bullet has a shallow dish that is filled with a high-performance elastomer. On impact, this elastomer material is forced into internal fissures which start the expansion process. The result is extremely uniform expansion of the bullet, along with better separation of the petals, and more consistent penetration across barrier types. Speer Gold Dot Carry Gun ammo uses quality nickel-plated cases which feed dependably, as well as advanced powders for consistent performance and a reliable, sealed CCI primer. 


  • Gold Dot G2 bullet design optimized for compact carry pistols
  • Shallow dish nose cavity filled with elastomer and structural-plated, pressure-formed core improve performance through barriers
  • Extremely uniform expansion and penetration when fired through short barrels
  • Exclusive Gold Dot construction virtually eliminates core/jacket separation
  • Quality, reliable components and consistent accuracy and performance


MSRPs range from $28.99 to $33.99. More information on Speer Gold Dot Carry Gun ammunition and other products from Speer can be found at



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