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First Look: Federal Punch Ammunition

First Look: Federal Punch Ammunition

New from Federal Ammunition is Punch, a defensive handgun round that is tailored to each specific caliber. Rather than develop a single bullet design for all five loads, Federal evaluated the performance of each individual caliber and then determined the optimal bullet design and weight for each load. The team at Federal then tuned each Punch load to provide the reliable expansion and penetration that a self-defense shooter needs.

“Simply put, we know more about making duty and defensive bullets than anyone,” said Federal Handgun Ammunition Product Manager Chris Laack. “We used that knowledge and experience to create a product to specifically meet the needs of self-defense with a handgun. The result of that hard work is Punch.”

“We looked at specifications from our Hydra-Shok Deep, HST and other bullet designs and took what made sense for Punch,” said Laack. “We selected whatever elements worked best for each individual caliber. We then played with the thickness of the jacket, skive depth, hollow-point geometry and even differences in lead cores to build the recipe for Punch.”

The result of his work is a Federal Premium bullet that was designed specifically for the most common self-defense applications, such as an extra-heavy clothing test using ballistic gel.

“The fact that we're launching Punch in the top five, most popular, self-defense chamberings on the market—all at once—makes a statement,” said Laack. “Typically, a new self-defense ammunition is launched in only one or two calibers then others are added later. But not Punch, we believe in it and know shooters looking for effective defensive ammunition with its specific features will love it.”

In addition to the custom tailored bullet, Federal used nickel-plated cases, high-quality powders, reliable primers and a primer seal in the Punch line of ammunition, along with a proven bullet profile and geometry for reliable feeding in your handgun.

Federal Punch Ammunition Features & Benefits

  • Jacketed hollow-point bullet design provides a balanced mix of effective penetration and expansion
  • Out-performs comparably priced competitor rounds
  • Nickel-plated brass case with primer seal
  • Available in the most popular defensive handgun cartridges


For more information on the new Punch ammunition from Federal, please visit federalpremium.com.

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