First Look: Federal Premium Ammunition New Train + Protect Loads

posted on May 8, 2020

Choosing a defensive ammunition with the right combination of expansion and penetration is an important part of optimizing your defensive firearm. Finding ammunition that expands on impact to deliver maximum impact on the target yet work reliably with your gun can be a challenge. Over the years, though, jacketed hollow point (JHP) bullets have become the standard in defensive pistol ammunition. Federal Premium Ammunition has been manufacturing high-quality JHP ammunition, and their Train + Protect line, loaded with a variant of the JHP bullet represent some of the highest-quality, most-reliable ammunition available today.

Now, Federal Premium Ammunition is producing Train + Protect loads using 85-grain .380 ACP ammo, 125-grain .357 Mag. ammo and 158-grain .38 Spl. rounds. The new loads feature Federal Versatile Hollow Point (VHP) bullets which deliver both precise, practical performance on the range and instant, reliable expansion when they impact the target. These loads, with their distinctive red, white and blue packaging, join the other existing jacketed hollow-point rounds in the Train + Protect product line such as 9 mm Luger, 115-grain; .40 S&W, 180-grain and .45 Auto, 230-grain.

Features & Benefits:
Now available in .380 Auto, .357 Mag. and .38 Spl.
VHP bullets based on proven Federal hollow-point design
Reloadable Federal brass case
Extremely reliable primer

Train + Protect rounds are loaded to produce consistent performance on the range and reliable expansion and penetration in a defensive situation. The MSRP for each 50-round box of Train + Protect ammunition varies with caliber. For more information on this ammunition or products from Federal Premium ammunition, please visit


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