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First Look: Remington R2Mi Bolt-Action Rifle

First Look: Remington R2Mi Bolt-Action Rifle

New from Remington is the massive R2Mi bolt-action .50 BMG rifle designed for extreme long-range pursuits. A freefloated barrel, with 8-groove, 1:15-inch twist rifling is designed for achieving sub-MOA accuracy from match-grade .50 BMG. With a left-hand operated bolt handle and ejection occurring on the right-hand side, the R2Mi is designed to be easy to cycle without the shooter having to adjust position. The padded stock allows for adjustments in cheek height and length-of-pull, while maintaining straight, clean lines.

Remington bills its new R2Mi rifle as one of the simplest .50 BMG rifles to assemble and maintain. Its upp
er receiver locks to the lower receiver with two integral pins, and its full-length Picatinny rail accommodates a wide range of optics. The RT2Mi disassembles like an AR-type rifle for cleaning and maintenance. A 10-round removable-box magazine feeds the R2Mi, all at an MSRP significantly less than $5,000.

If you've been waiting for a removable-box fed, bolt-action .50 BMG rifle set up for a suppressor, the R2Mi is right up your alley. Whether it's hitting targets at a mile out or farther or simply bragging rights at your local 200 yard range, there's plenty of reasons to look into this new bolt-action, big-bore .50 BMG rifle from Remington.


Bolt action: left bolt / right port, for faster cycling of action
Barrel length: 30 inches
Barrel profile: Lothar-Walther
barrel free-floated within vented hand guard
Overall length: 57 inches
Lower receiver: T6-6061 aluminum billet
Upper receiver: Includes MIL-STD 1913 rail on receiver; vented hand guard
Finish: Hard-anodized type 3 green finish on aluminum parts (Mil-Spec), Manganese-phosphate finish on steel parts
Muzzle Device: AAC muzzle brake to accept Cyclops silencer
Accessories: Steel bipod with folding legs, custom Pelican Storm Case, two 10-round magazines, hearing and eye protection and cable lock
MSRP: $4,599

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