I Carry: Mossberg MC1sc in a Crossbreed Modular Belly Band Holster

posted on March 20, 2020

Firearm: Mossberg MC1sc (MSRP: $421)

For those that pursue an active lifestyle, having a firearm in a substantial caliber that can be carried comfortably is a key consideration. This typically means a subcompact, single-stack 9 mm with a polymer frame, like the Mossberg MC1sc we’re showcasing today. With a 19-ounce weight and an overall length of six and a quarter inches, the MC1sc still holds 7+1 rounds of 9 mm with the extended-floorplate magazine.

When discussing subcompact 9 mm pistols, shootability is often overlooked. Typically, this class of firearm tends to be snappy and produces more recoil, as there’s both less weight to absorb the recoil in addition to less real estate—both for the strong hand and the support hand. In the case of the MC1sc, though, the well-designed grip helps mitigate a good deal of the snappiness while anchoring the pistol in the hand. It’s not the gun you’d choose for a 2,000-round extended training session, but you can shoot more than two magazines without looking for your shooting gloves.

In the end, offering a small size that actually handles well on the range helps the MC1sc stand out in a sea of options. If you’re looking for a small pistol you can take with you while hiking, biking, jogging or just going for a leisurely stroll, there are numerous options. If you’re also looking to take the pistol to the range on a regular basis, and take a class or two, the Mossberg is definitely worth a closer look.

Holster: Crossbreed Holsters Modular Belly Band holster (MSRP: $59.46)

There aren’t a lot of holsters for the active concealed-carry practitioner, and most of them are of the belly band variety. Crossbreed’s Modular Belly Band offers hook-and-loop attachments for both a holster and a spare magazine carrier, an elastic pouch where a knife or canister of OC spray can reside and even a separate area secured by hook-and-loop for ID, cash and other necessary items. All this in a lightweight band that can be customized for right- or left-hand carry in a multitude of configurations.

The complete system can be configured for a number of different firearms, requiring only a new molded holster portion to swap out. With the hook-and-loop attachment of both the holster and mag carrier, as well as the entire system assembly, there’s a lot of possible adjustments to make the Modular Belly Band fit well. On the trail, on the run or just out and about, the Crossbreed Modular band keeps everything close. It’s also a great choice for deep concealment, too.

Knife: Emerson Knives Mini Sheepdog (MSRP: $224.95)

To go along with the modular aspect of the belly band, the Emerson Mini Sheepdog folding knife can be opened with a thumbstud, flipper mechanism or the Wave feature that allows you to open the knife while taking it out of your pants’ pocket. The Mini Sheepdog has a three-inch, 154CM steel spear-point blade, liner lock and G10 scales, in addition to a pocket clip that can be attached for either right- or left-hand carry. Because of the Wave feature, it’s only configured for tip-up carry.

Accessory: Blue Force Gear BFG Wallet (MSRP: $65.95)

While the Crossbreed Modular Belly Band does have a section for ID and cash, it’s not always going to be the system you use. For a weather-resistant wallet, Blue Force Gear’s BFG Wallet is a strong choice, with four internal slots for cards and ID, a section for paper currency and a larger internal slot for more ID or other items. Constructed of Blue Force Gear’s proprietary Ultracomp material, the BFG Wallet is nearly indestructible and will hold up well against the elements. It’s also thinner and lighter than traditional leather wallets, while offering carrying capacity that’s pretty close, albeit not Costanza-level. It’s also available in green, gray and Multicam.



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