First Look: CAT Suppressors From Silencer Shop

One suppressor for precision rifles, another for pistol caliber carbines.

posted on May 7, 2024
CAT Suppressors

Silencer Shop, one of the largest distributors of suppressors in the country, is now expanding the CAT (Combat Application Technologies) suppressor product line with two new suppressor models, the new CAT MOB and CAT JL silencers. The new CAT MOB (short for Mobster) is a purpose-built and designed suppressor for use with 9mm PCCs (pistol caliber carbines), while the new CAT JL (Johnny Law) was designed around precision-oriented shooting with .30-caliber rifles.

Dave Matheny, CEO of Silencer Shop, expressed his enthusiasm about the new exclusive models, stating, "Silencer Shop is dedicated to enhancing shooting and hunting experiences across the country. Our partnership with CAT and the launch of the MOB and JL suppressors reflects our commitment to offering innovative, high-quality products. We make acquiring these top-notch suppressors easy and fast, so gun owners can enjoy their new silencers quickly and easily.”

These new CAT suppressors from Silencer Shop make use of laser-powered bed fusion (LPBF) 3-d printing technologies in order to better help each device moderate expanding gasses internally for efficiency and accuracy. Both models are available in either CAT’s robust TSF X QD system or a 1.375x24 HUB mount to maximize versatility across your firearms collection. The Johnny Law is available in 3-D-printed titanium or Inconel construction, and the Mobster is built from durable LPBF titanium.

"C.A.T. is dedicated to revolutionizing the civilian shooting experience by engineering suppressors that set new industry standards. Teaming up with Silencer Shop, the largest suppressor distributor in America, has made possible the mission to equip civilian shooters with nothing short of the best suppressor technology. The MOB and JL are the latest civilian offerings from the SkyNET development vector at C.A.T and will change the way shooters think about suppressors. Prepare to have your expectations shattered—experience these groundbreaking suppressors at your nearest Silencer Shop dealer,” added John Doe, C.A.T Leadership at Silencer Shop.

Visit to learn more about these new suppressor or other products from Silencer Shop.


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