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SHOT Show Video: LWRCI SMG 45 Pistol

It's interesting when trends converge. A few years ago, AR-15-based pistols were the absolute hottest things going. Every company out there was coming out with its own take on the AR pistol, at least it seemed. Then, a couple years ago, pistol-caliber carbines saw a resurgence. More and more options became available. Of course, some crossover was bound to occur, which does lead to a conundrum. These firearms certainly aren't pistol-caliber carbines, because they're, well, pistols. And pistol-caliber pistols just sounds... silly. So, let's just leave it at AR-15 based, pistol-caliber firearms.

Anyhoo, LWRCI has had its SMG 45 for a while now, and it seems like the market is about right for this .45 ACP-chambered AR-15-based, pistol-caliber firearm. With ambidextrous controls, furniture that interchanges with your favorite manufacturer's offerings and the rock-solid reliability for which LWRCI is known, it's guaranteed to be a hit. I had a chance to try one out for a quick run at Industry Day at the Range ahead of SHOT Show 2020.

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