SHOT Show 2020 Video: New Optics from EOTech

posted on January 25, 2020

During Industry Day at the Range, I stopped into the EOTech booth to see what was new and exciting in the world of optics. As it turns out, EOTech has quite a few new items, all in the magnifier family. The new optics are as follows: G30, referred to as a "stripped down version of the G33." The G30 is estimated to be about half the price of the company's extant G33 and comes with a QD mount rather than a flip mount. The G43 is a miniaturized version of the G33 and comes with a flip mount. Lastly, the G45 is a 5X magnifier that maintains the same footprint as G33. The G30 should be in stores shortly; the G43 and G45 models are expected to hit later this year, possibly as early as spring 2020.

EOTech also expanded the Vudu line of magnified riflescopes, bringing a second-focal-plane 1-8x scope to the Vudu line. EOTech is aiming primarily at the 3-gun market with this extension, although there’s a good case to be made that a 1-8x scope is a darn good “do it all” sort of scope, offering true “both eyes open” capability at 1x and a decent magnification range for all but true long-range shooting. Considering that for quite some time, the optic of choice for our military snipers was a fixed-power 10x scope, 8x magnification should be just fine for most tasks requiring any sort of distance. Combine all this with a 30 mm tube, a throw lever and exposed turrets, and it looks like the new Vudu will do.


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