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New for 2020: Girsan/EAA MC312 Tactical

New for 2020: Girsan/EAA MC312 Tactical

The EAA MC312 Tactical is an inertial-action, semi-automatic shotgun owning a 18.5-inch barrel, a fiber-optic front sight and an included red-dot optic. It weighs 7 pounds. As such, this shotgun is fast pointing, and along with its oversized bolt handle, pistol grip, choke tube options and reliable action, it would make it a great slug-gun in addition to home-protection duty. 

Its action is almost identical to Benelli’s vaunted second-generation Armi inertia-driven system. The advantages of this system are threefold: First, it uses very few moving parts and so it is quick and inherently reliable. Second, it is shell-length agnostic, so you can load 2¾- and 3-inch shells in any order without adjustment. Third, because shell gases and powder grime is blown straight out of the barrel and not back into gas ports like in gas-action semi-automatics, the gun stays very clean, thereby increasing its reliability. 

This shotgun comes with a red-dot sight that’s a great value-add especially considering the gun's low price. Perhaps most notable, the receiver is machined so the sight mounts integrally and therefore is very low profile. This allows the shooter to get a good cheekweld even when using the optic, and this in turn mitigates recoil. I found the MC312 to be well balanced even with its rubbery, easy-to-handle pistol grip. I love the cerakote finish that not only both dulls it from glare, but protects its metal from the elements. MSRP: $599

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