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First Look: Choate C. Mod Stock

First Look: Choate C. Mod Stock

Choate Machine & Tool has introduced the company's new Choate Modular Stock (C. Mod.) chassis system for centerfire, bolt-action rifles. A true modular rifle stock, the C. Mod. chassis allows  the user to change the fore-end or butt stock without removing the rifle action from the main chassis section. This modular design gives consumers an adaptable, versatile chassis without disturbing the fit of the action to the stock, allowing to change accessories without disturbing the accuracy of your rifle.

At the heart of the C. Mod. rifle stock system is a precision-machined chassis made from a solid block of aluminum. This chassis holds the action and barrel rigid, allowing you to change the butt stock and fore-end as you desire. The chassis uses the time-tested AR style magazine release, which eliminates the possibility of accidentally dropping the magazine by hitting a release lever located in front of the trigger guard. The magazine for the C. Mod. chassis will accept cartridges up to 2.860 inches in length such as the .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor and .260 Remington, as well as other popular cartridges like 6 mm Remington, .257 Roberts and 7X57 Mauser. Each C. Mod chassis comes with two magazines along with the required action screws.

The C. Mod Stock system of optional fore-ends and butt stocks provides even more flexibility. Fore-ends for the C. Mod. system include a target/varmint style forearm with a wide, flat bottom and a shorter sniper/tactical style fore-end tapered towards the muzzle. Both forearms come with a T-rail and bipod adapter. Butt stocks for the C. Mod. system include a basic tactical style and a fully customizable target/tactical style with adjustable cheek piece and length-of-pull. Choate also offers two very specialized butt stocks for the C. Mod Rifle Stock: A telescoping AR style butt stock compatible with any AR stock and a pistol grip folding stock for the. All butt stocks and fore-ends come with the installation hardware. The suggested MSRP on the Choate C. Mod stock system is $710, and more information is available at riflestock.com.

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