First Look: Magpul DAKA Storage Bins and Straps

Keep your gear organized inside your DAKA-compatible case.

posted on April 25, 2024
Magpul DAKA Storage Bins and Straps

Following the introduction of the revolutionary the DAKA Grid System hard sided firearms and gear case organization system, Magpul has now introduced the new DAKA utility bins and DAKA gear straps to work with the DAKA system.

The new DAKA gear straps are ¾-inch-wide straps that affix into the DAKA grid surface and can be used to anchor down any piece of gear or equipment in place by way of the hook-and-loop structure found on the DAKA gear strap itself. The end of the Magpul DAKA gear strap also has a bright red tab in order to easily find the end of the strap quickly.

The new Magpul DAKA Utility bins are made from a durable polymer material and can nestle on the square hole surface of the Magpul DAKA Grid system itself. The bins come in two different sizes, either a 2x2- or 4x2-inch bin. Although they have a transparent see-through clear top for easy identification of whatever is stored inside, the bins themselves can be had in black, flat dark earth or red. The Magpul DAKA utility bin lids also have sturdy reinforced snap tabs that nestle securely into the bins’ sides.

The new Magpul DAKA gear straps come in a pack of four and retail for $19.95. Magpul DAKA bins come in different combinations and vary in retail pricing. At launch customers can purchase a pair of 2x2-inch bins for $17.95, or a trio made up of a single 2x4-inch bin and a pair of of 2x2-inch bins for $29.95.

To learn more about these new Magpul DAKA Grid accessories or the DAKA Grid system itself, please visit


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