Review: Magpul DAKA GRID Organizer System

Protect your firearms and gear in transport with modular style.

posted on January 14, 2023

It’s not often we get excited about firearm storage/transportation options. Okay, it’s pretty much never. However, when Magpul launched the DAKA GRID system, we knew this was something worth checking out. It’s a true “plug and play” system of interlocking foam blocks that work with a pre-cut grid. It is essentially tactical … well, those building blocks that started in Denmark that we’re not sure we’ll get sued if we name them. First thing I noticed when I opened the case was that it looked like Tactical BattleShip.

Basically, there’s a foam (Magpul is quick to point out that it’s “Expanded Polypropylene,” or EPP, which is a fancy way of saying really rugged foam) backing that currently exists for Pelican Vault V730 and V800 cases (but more are coming, don’t you worry). The grid is custom-fit to the case, then the individual blocks—in two- and three-section pieces—can be fit in precisely to perfectly contain your firearm.

In the Pelican Vault 800 case shown above, there’s a Remington long-action 700 bolt-action rifle in a MDT Oryx stock with a Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25X scope. It’s a pretty custom configuration, yet with Magpul’s DAKA GRID I was able to completely immobilize the rifle with full protection for the barrel and riflescope. Oh, and in the extra space I dropped a Radian Weapons Model 1 carbine, also with a Leupold LVPO scope. And if you look closely, you’ll spot a Springfield Armory Prodigy pistol with Ameriglo Haven red-dot sight. All of these fit in the case with ample space, and each firearm and optic was absolutely immobile. Nothing moved. Not at all. I dragged the case around the house, out to the car, off to the range, up and down stairs; nothing moved. Not even a little.

That’s … well, a big deal. If you’ve ever transported multiple firearms in a case for any distance, there is a pretty significant possibility that one or more of the firearms will shift. Sometimes it’s not a lot. Sometimes it is. Sometimes they bounce off one another and come out of the case with interesting new, well, character (here I mean dings that cause much blue language). Heck, I was at a training event for long-range precision rifle shooting where one of the participants had to use a loaner rifle because his scope had been damaged in transport. 

Like LEGO, but more tactical

Sure, you can painstakingly cut out traditional foam for your favorite rifle, and this will give a solid fit that will hold the rifle pretty securely. However, make one change to the rifle—and that’s why I chose this Remington, because it’s gone through a number of changes—and you have to cut out another piece of foam. And those aren’t cheap—replacement foam for a Pelican V800 case run upwards of $60 or so. Change the LVPO to a red-dot sight? Now you either have to contend with a cutout that doesn’t match, or buy more foam. Cut a slot for a Glock with an RMR, and you’re locked into that configuration. With Magpul’s DAKA GRID system, this is no longer a concern.

Yes, it’s a bit on the pricey side at $159.95 for the larger Pelican case—but, is it really? That $160 gets you the complete grid, plus 20 blocks (10 three-section, 10 two-section). That’s more than enough to set up a case for a long rifle, carbine and pistol (as shown). Sure, the same standard foam insert comes with the case, but again, change it once and you’re half-again into the cost of the GRID. And, it’s not as secure. After three days of moving the case around, up and down stairs, etc., nothing moved. Nothing.

I don’t know about anyone else, but peace of mind when I’m transporting several thousand dollars worth of firearms is invaluable. A slight upcharge at the onset means that I can reconfigure that case as many times as I want, whether for two carbines, two bolt guns, a whole mess of handguns, or any combination in between. It’s Magpul, so you know it’s durable as all get out and will last. What more could you want?


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