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First Look: SIG Sauer 300 BLK SBR Elite Copper Duty Ammo

First Look: SIG Sauer 300 BLK SBR Elite Copper Duty Ammo

Based on the 5.56 NATO cartridge and necked up to accept a .30-caliber projectile, the 300 BLK brought new capabilities to the AR platform, providing shooters, hunters and professionals alike with a hard-hitting, large-caliber round optimized for use in short-barrel guns. However, ammo technology has come a long way since the initial development of the 300 BLK concept, and today's manufacturers are able to get more capability from this optimized round with new designs. One of the latest options on the market in 2019 is from SIG Sauer in the form of the company's 300 BLK SBR Elite Copper Duty Ammo.

“The new 120-grain supersonic SBR Elite Copper Duty ammunition delivers the highest terminal performance possible in short-barrel, AR-style rifles, something the professional community has been asking us to provide,” said Brad Criner, senior director, brand management and business development, SIG Sauer Ammunition. “Our various SIG Elite 300 BLK ammunition loadings have been well received by match shooters, hunters, and law enforcement and government agencies, and there will be more exciting 300 BLK offerings from SIG in the weeks to come.”

Specifically, the SIG Sauer 300 BLK Elite Copper Duty ammo lineup is designed for use in barrel lengths measuring less than 9 inches long, which makes it perfect for use in today's popular AR-style pistols, as well as SIG's lineup of shortened MCX rifles chambered for the round. Even when fired from these shortened barrels, the all-copper projectile is purpose-built to provide consistent, controlled expansion of up to 1.8 times the original diameter of the bullet. The profile of the round is also optimized for feeding from today's semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles. 

Other features of the Elite Copper Duty ammo include the use of low-flash propellant that prevents blinding muzzle flash during low-light use, as well as black-oxide shell cases that make the rounds distinctive enough to highlight them as SBR-specific rounds. Measured from a 6.75-inch barrel, muzzle velocity is recorded by the company as being 1,897 fps, producing 959 foot-pounds of energy. The suggested retail price is $30.95 per box of 20 rounds.

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