First Look: Umarex Beretta M9A3 C02 Air Pistol

posted on February 24, 2019
As more firearm enthusiasts today develop effective training routines incorporating C02-powered air pistols, companies like Umarex USA are stepping up to offer purpose-built, model-specific training aids that offer the same look and feel as today's popular firearms. Following a new agreement with Beretta USA, Umarex USA now offers a licensed copy of the modernized Beretta M9A3, complete with fully automatic operation.

Each Umarex Beretta M9A3 C02 air pistol is built on a durable polymer frame, complete with a Picatinny accessory rail for attaching lights and lasers. Topping the frame is a metal slide that performs a realistic, blowback action with every pull of the trigger. The .177-caliber barrel is topped with a threaded muzzle and thread protector, allowing users to attach a mock suppressor to simulate the constraints and maneuver considerations of using a suppressor-equipped M9A3. One of the unique features found on this Umarex model, however, is a switch located on the right side of the frame. Flip it, and the gun fires a string of BBs in full-auto for air-powered plinking fun.

To simulate the magazine feel, muscle memory and capacity associated with the actual firearm, the Beretta M9A3 air pistol features a full-size magazine that can be locked in and removed using a traditional magazine-release button located in the same place as the powder-burning Beretta. The magazine also holds just 18 BBs, the same number of rounds loaded in a topped off Beretta M9A3. Also found in the magazine is the 12-gram C02 cartridge that powers the gun, which adds weight and simulates the feel of a fully loaded mag. 

Other features found in the Umarex Beretta M9A3 C02-powered air pistol include an authentic safety lever located on both sides of the slide. The gun also features both a single- and double-action trigger, along with a functioning external hammer. In keeping with the same aesthetic look and feel of the 9mm Beretta M9A3, the Umarex USA model features the FDE finish found on the original guns. As an added bonus, since the Umarex M9A3 features exactly the same dimensions as the traditional Beretta guns, the c02-powered model will fit all standard M9A3 holsters.

The suggested retail price on the Umarex USA Beretta M9A3 C02-powered pistol is $124.99. Models will begin shipping in spring 2019.


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