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First Look: MTM Case-Gard High-Low Shooting Table

First Look: MTM Case-Gard High-Low Shooting Table

Shooting away from a bench brings a number of challenges to rifle shooters in the field, and companies have developed a range of products designed to stabilize precision platforms for hunting and target use, such as shooting sticks. However, sticks still don't offer the same level of stability as a solid surface, so MTM Case-Gard came up with a different idea: why not bring the bench with you? Enter the company's High-Low Shooting Table.

While the table isn't as portable or packable as a pair of shooting sticks, it's certainly more convenient than your go-to range bench. For taking out varmints, like prairie dogs, from a distance, the MTM Case-Gard High-Low Shooting Table offers a solid position with plenty of room for rifle rests, tools, ammo and more. Best of all, the mirrored design provides comfortable shooting for both left- and right-handed enthusiasts.

Each table is equipped with three collapsible legs complete with stakes that anchor the table into soft ground. The legs themselves can be individually adjusted anywhere from 18 to 55 inches in height, allowing users to build a level shooting surface on uneven ground or even the side of a hill in both sitting and standing positions. Once the legs are in place, a two-position locking system ensures that they remain latched into place, even with heavy weight on the table's surface. The surface itself is molded from polypropylene and offers a textured surface that keeps items anchored in place. The color of the tabletop is in a dark-earth finish, and the overall surface area measures 17 x 33 inches.

When not in use, the legs collapse and can be carried over distances with an included shoulder strap, and the table surface itself features a molded-in carry handle. The suggested retail price on the MTM Case-Gard High-Low Shooting Table is $139.99.

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