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First Look: Birchwood Casey Bore Weevil Cleaning Kit

First Look: Birchwood Casey Bore Weevil Cleaning Kit

Today, firearm owners have access to a range of popular cleaning options, ranging from the tried-and-true cleaning rod pushed from bore to muzzle to pull-through bore swabs that leave barrels sparkling within a pass or two. However, Birchwood Casey noticed that these popular cleaning methods had some drawbacks, and the company addressed those issues with the launch of its Bore Weevil cleaning kit.

Gun owners who use traditional cleaning rods know the process can be cumbersome, time-consuming and messy, and cleaning rods can break easily and require replacement. Many enthusiasts have ditched this method in favor of pull-through bore cleaners that fit tightly inside gun actions and barrels, scrubbing and scraping out buildup. However, these single-piece cleaners get saturated with harsh chemicals and accumulate the residue from the interior of filthy firearms. The Birchwood Casey Bore Weevil combines the best of traditional and modern-day cleaning methods, providing quick cleaning abilities without contact with the solvents and powder residue inside guns.

Built with a retractable design, each Bore Weevil ships with three separate couplers, which attach quickly to the pull-through unit's wire cable. The couplers are compatible with all standard 8/32 threaded cleaning tip on the market, from brass brushes to caliber-specific jags to mops and patch pullers. The tethered cable is dropped through the muzzle end of a firearm, and the exposed end emerges through the opened and cleared action, enabling users to attach brushes, mops or jags of their choice. Once the selected cleaning tip is threaded on, a process that takes only a second or two, the Bore Weevil can be pulled through quickly to swab or brush the bore.

After cleaning is finished, the tethered cable retracts into the compact polymer housing, allowing the Birchwood Casey Bore Weevil to be carried easily in any range bag or hunting kit. The suggested retail price on the Birchwood Casey Bore Weevil is $43.50, and replacement packs of the quick-attach couplers retail at a suggested price of $11.70.

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