First Look: Birchwood Casey Waxed Canvas Cleaning Mat

posted on June 22, 2017
Have a bench or table at home that's covered with gun-cleaner residue, fouling and other nasty leftovers from cleaning and maintaining your firearm collection? The new Birchwood Casey Waxed Canvas Cleaning Mat gives gun owners an easy and durable surface that collects residue and prevents it from spreading onto benches and tables at home or the range.

The new cleaning mats are built using a waxed cotton interior, along with a internal layer of padding that prevents dents, scratches or other damage from coming to a firearm placed on the mat. The exterior of the mat features an abrasion-resistant layer that withstands wear and tear from whatever surface a user places the mat on, thus ensuring a lifetime of durable usage.

In addition to cleaning, the mats also provide shooters with a protective, transportable surface that always provides firearms with a clean, abrasion-free surface, no matter where users go. Range benches and hunting grounds are filled with items that can cause cosmetic damage or worse to guns. Ensure that they stay clean and damage-free with these mats.

When finished, the mats feature hardy snaps that allow owners to roll up the product and keep it tightly wrapped and stored securely when not in use. In addition, the snaps allow owners to transport the mats to the range, giving them a padded surface on which to place guns while shooting or engage in basic maintenance or cleaning once range time is finished.

Birchwood Casey Waxed Canvas Cleaning Mats come in two sizes. One size measures 16 inches wide and 24 inches long and is designed for use with all kinds of handguns. The other model measures 16 inches wide and 53 inches long and is designed to provide an optimum cleaning surface for rifles, shotguns and other long arms.

The handgun mat retails at a suggested price of $29.99, while the long-gun canvas mat retails at a suggested price of $34.99.


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