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First Look: Liberty Suppressors Vector .22 LR Suppressor

First Look: Liberty Suppressors Vector .22 LR Suppressor

Suppressor design continues to advance in recent years, with companies developing new methods to deal with drawbacks common to certain suppressor setups, particularly when it comes to cans built for use on rimfire guns chambered in .22 LR. One of the latest innovations on the market comes in the form of the Liberty Suppressors Vector .22 LR Suppressor.

Prolific rimfire shooters know how dirty .22 LR ammo can be, and unlike centerfire-rifle rounds such as the .223 Rem., the rimfire cartridge doesn't produce enough heat to burn off carbon build-up inside suppressors. The result is that owners of rimfire cans are required to perform regular maintenance to clear out fouling before excess carbon produces a potentially dangerous obstruction. In designing its Vector .22 LR suppressor, Liberty Suppressors aimed to make disassembly easier and trouble-free, helping suppressor owners avoid the headaches that come with specialized tools and internal assemblies frozen into place through fouling.

The Vector .22 LR suppressor is built with a system of stacked baffles located inside of an aluminum tube. Unlike other designs on the market, the tube doesn't work as a pressure vessel. Rather, the external tube supports the internal-baffle system. This system provides a number of benefits to the end user, allowing for easier disassembly and maintenance, added modularity and lightness and a simple design that enhances durability. Ultimately, no matter how dirty the internal baffles get from carbon build-up, the Vector comes apart with little effort.

Rather than including a specialized disassembly tool, the unit disassembles with a commonly available 3/8-inch ratchet. The company does include a unique disassembly aid that speeds up the breakdown process, but Liberty Suppressors stresses that this tool isn't required to break the Vector .22 LR suppressor into its component parts. In a pinch, a single-pin spanner will work as well. Part of the easy disassembly process is the structure of the baffle system itself, which contains fouling inside the baffles themselves, preventing the carbon from freezing the baffles to the outer wall of the suppressor.

To clean the baffles themselves, simply remove them from the external tube and use any solvent or other cleaning methods, including tumbling in stainless-steel pins or media blasting, since the baffles are made from high-strength 18-8 stainless steel. Since the baffles are modular, Liberty Vector .22 LR suppressors can be broken down into short and long configurations.

Overall length of the Liberty Suppressors Vector .22 LR suppressor measures 5 to 6 inches, depending on the configuration, and measures 1.125 inches wide. The suppressor is constructed from a combination of an aluminum outer tube, titanium blast baffle and stainless-steel baffles. The overall weight of the suppressor is 5 to 6 ounces, and sound reduction is measured between 31 to 36 decibels, depending on the platform. According to Liberty, the design is strong enough to withstand use from today's popular .22-caliber rimfire calibers, including .22 WMR. The suggested retail price on the Vector suppressor is $348.

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