First Look: Volquartsen Mini Scorpion 22LR Pistol

A first-rate host for your rimfire suppressor.

posted on November 20, 2023
Volquartsen Mini Scorpion

Volquartsen Firearms is known for making precision rimfire firearms, and the new Mini Scorpion 22 LR pistol continues that legacy of performance at the highest level.

Volquartsen's most compact Scorpion package features an overall length of approximately 8 inches and weighs only 1.75 pounds. The 3-inch Scorpion LLV has been combined with the Volquartsen lightweight VF Target Frame in the 1911 grip angle to create a very lightweight and extremely accurate 22 LR.

"Shooting rimfires suppressed is more popular now than ever and the Mini Scorpion provides the perfect suppressor host. Its 3-inch barrel length allows for a lightweight, compact pistol even with the suppressor installed,” commented Volquartsen President Scott Volquartsen.

The 3-inch Scorpion LLV upper features a stainless steel barrel with a stainless steel, laser-hardened breech that is housed in an aluminum shroud. This design provides match-grade accuracy in a lightweight package. The barrel is threaded 1/2 x 28 tpi, making it the perfect suppressor host, and an integral Picatinny rail on top is standard, allowing you to mount the optic or sighting system of your choice on the pistol. Inside, The Volquartsen Competition Bolt with DLC Coating ensures smooth operation and function, a feature that comes in handy shooting suppressed.

The 3-inch Scorpion LLV upper will also be available as a standalone product that is compatible with the Ruger MK II and MK III pistols.

Mini Scorpion Pistol Features:

  • ½ x 28 tpi threaded stainless steel 3-inch barrel
  • Stainless steel laser-hardened breech
  • Type III hard anodized aluminum shroud
  • Volquartsen Accurizing Kit for 2 pound, 4 ounce trigger pull
  • DLC-coated Volquartsen competition bolt
  • Volquartsen thread protector
  • Uses the Volquartsen 3-inch Scorpion LLV Upper
  • Aluminum VF Target Frame in the 1911 Grip Angle
  • Hogue grips
  • Weight 1 pound 12 ounces
  • Overall length 8.375 inches
  • Chambered in .22LR

Please visit for more information on the new Mini Scorpion .22 LR or other products from Volquartsen.


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