First Look: TacSol Aeris Suppressor

posted on February 16, 2019
Despite the limiting effects of NFA regulation, suppressor technology has seen rapid advancement in the last few decades. Designs have simultaneously become smaller, lighter and more affordable while still offering sound suppression that brings a rifle or handgun report below that 140-decibel threshold that can cause instantaneous hearing damage with a single shot. On the cutting edge of suppressor technology for 2019 is the Aeris suppressor from Tactical Solutions, designed for today's popular rimfire rifles and pistols.

“We at TacSol are very proud of this engineering feat and are very anxious to release the Aeris out into the marketplace,” said Chet Alvord, vice president of sales and marketing. “I firmly believe our customers will be very pleased with the functionality and performance, but more importantly the size and overall weight.” 

One of the first things consumers will notice about the TacSol Aeris suppressor is its incredibly compact size, measuring just 1 inch in diameter and a mere 3 inches in overall length. With the 0.92-inch bull barrels on many of today's tactical-style rimfire .22-caliber rifles, the overall diameter is only slightly more than the diameter of the barrel, making it a barely noticeable addition that doesn't hamper maneuvering. Weight balance won't shift much either, because the Aeris weighs just three ounce, making it a truly "micro" option for sound suppression.

Each TacSol Aeris suppressor is machined with a combination of components consisting of titanium and stainless steel. One of the critical elements in a rimfire suppressor is ease of maintenance and disassembly, since carbon fouling and lead buildup in a rimfire can is much more of an issue than in centerfire cans that are capable of reaching higher internal temperatures that burn off fouling. With this in mind, the Aeris features a patented split-tube design and a titanium thread adapter. Thanks to an included assembly wrench, the suppressor's endcap can be removed with ease, and the three-piece titanium-baffle system removes completely, along with the split tube, allowing each component to be cleaned.

Owners of rifles and pistols in .22 LR, .22 WMR, .17 HMR, .17 HM2 and .17 WSM can take advantage of the noise-dampening benefits offered by the TacSol Aeris suppressor, and the thread adapter is compatible with all 1/2-28 TPI threaded muzzles. Each suppressor ships with a heat-resistant utility pouch, and the suggested retail price on the suppressor is $297.


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