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First Look: Butler Creek ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader

First Look: Butler Creek ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader

With the launch of its ASAP line of magazine loaders, Butler Creek continues to offer easy magazine-loading capabilities to fans of popular handguns and modern sporting rifles. Now, loading your AR-15 magazine got even easier with the launch of the company's ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader.

“The new Butler Creek Electronic Magazine Loader is on the cutting edge,” said William Hemeyer, Butler Creek senior product manager. “The new Electronic Magazine Loader represents our commitment to exceeding the expectations of accessory products used for magazine loading. For those looking for a fast and easy way to load rounds, the Butler Creek Electronic Magazine Loader is the perfect choice.”

Designed primarily for use for competitors who rack up high round counts, ranges or training academies, the loader features a single insert that accepts most standard STANAG magazines used in the popular AR-15 rifle platform. With the magazine inserted, the machine allows users to load anywhere from one to 40 rounds with an electronic readout and push-button inputs. Once the specific round count is selected, the loader orients and inserts rounds into the magazine, feeding from a 60-round hopper. The loader is designed to work with 5.56 NATO or .223 Rem. ammunition only.

While this particular unit is designed for high-volume, professional-level shooters and ranges, even casual shooters can take advantage of the capabilities offered by the Butler Creek ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader. Since the system does all the work in loading and seating rounds, it takes the strain and fatigue off the hands of recreational shooters, enabling them to put their strength and focus in handling their firearm. In particular, this electronic tool enables those with reduced hand strength to have loaded magazines on-hand when needed to sharpen their skills.

The Butler Creek ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader is set to launch on the commercial market in August 2018. The suggested retail price on the unit is $329.95.

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