Athlon Midas Flash

First Look: Athlon Midas Flash Red Dot Sight

A new open emitter optic which works with the RMR footprint.

Pro Shop: Reloading Accessories

Save money, custom-tailor loads to individual firearms and become more self-reliant by handloading your own ammunition.

New Optic Allows Small Arms To Target Drones

The British Army to field 225 new SmartShooter optics on their service rifles.

First Look: Burris Veracity PH Scope

A new long range optic with a surprising twist.

First Look: Safariland Liberator Hearing Protection

Limited-edition electronic hearing protection for we the people.

First Look: Walker’s Disrupter Electronic Ear Buds

Bluetooth compatible and capable of 29 dB of noise reduction. 

First Look: Radians Vertex Corded Bluetooth Earbuds

Enjoy your life while preserving your hearing.

First Look: Liemke Luchs-1 and Luchs-2 Thermal Optics

German optics plus the latest electronics team up to make a first-rate thermal scope.

First Look: Neith 4MP Digital Night Vision Scope

First Look: Neith 4MP Digital Night Vision Scope

First Look: PARD Optics TD5 Thermal / Nightvision Scope

Night vision, ambient light and thermal optics, all in one scope.

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