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First Look: Pachmayr Competition Aluminum Speedloaders

First Look: Pachmayr Competition Aluminum Speedloaders

Expanding the market of revolver speedloaders, particularly those designed for competition use, was one of the priorities going into 2018 for Lyman Products, and the company's Pachmayr Competition Aluminum Speedloader is built to provide competitors and wheelgun lovers with a fast-acting, durable reloading tool to get them back into action.

“Revolver speedloaders have been around for a very long time,” said Trevor Mullen, VP of global marketing and business development for Lyman Products. “They offer a convenient way to carry extra rounds and make for a quick and easy reload. What sets the Pachmayr aluminum Speedloader apart from the competition is twofold; CNC machining and the polygonal shape. Plus, the aluminum body keeps the Speedloader relatively light weight at two ounces minus ammo, yet durable for years and years of continuous use.”

The solid-aluminum construction of the speedloader adds extra durability for users looking for a product that lasts longer and stands up to abuse better than polymer speedloaders. Ruggedness is also enhanced by the hard-anodized blue finish on the product. Additionally, the knurled aluminum release knob provides enhanced texturing for a solid grip and confident operation. To release cartridges secured inside the loader, simply twist the knob and allow the rounds to fall into an open cylinder.

Unlike many speedloaders on the market, the Pachmayr Competition Aluminum Speedloader features a polygonal shape as opposed to the circular profile often seen on traditional speedloaders. This actually enables the loader to take up less space, meaning that it'll interact with different grips better than other speedloader designs. Additionally, the loader is equipped with an O-ring that better secures the base of cartridges inside the loader, preventing rattling.

The Pachmayr loader is compatible with Smith & Wesson J-, K- and L-frame revolvers as well as the Ruger LCR and other popular five-shot wheelguns. Each speedloader sells at a suggested retail price of $19.98.

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