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First Look: Clenzoil Multi-Caliber Gun-Cleaning Kits

First Look: Clenzoil Multi-Caliber Gun-Cleaning Kits

With a solid track record of providing cleaning and maintenance products since 1948, Clenzoil remains a go-to for many firearm owners when it comes to the all-important task of keeping guns in range- and carry-ready shape. Going into the company's 71st year, however, the Clenzoil team knew that their product line was due for an update, thanks largely due to customer input.

“This has been a long time coming,” Clenzoil CEO Chris Hoffman said. “We knew that we had to offer retailers and more effective and efficient packaging, but we also wanted to make sure the avid shooting enthusiasts had all the tools and components needed to maintain their firearms. We are confident that what we have developed will satisfy both the retailer and the consumer.”

With the new update, firearm owners can select between multi-caliber pistol, rifle and shotgun kits, as well as niche-specific cleaning kits for tactical rifles and 3-Gun competition. For general-purpose use, the company will also offer a do-it-all Universal Field Kit. Consumers also requested the inclusion of the company's Field & Range Dropper Bottle, which allows for precision application of the company's trademarked Field & Range one-step cleaner.

This do-it-all cleaner removes fouling, lubricates moving parts and preserves metal finish, all in one fell swoop. After a long range day, application of the Field & Range cleaner allows owners to remove harmful oils and dirt, as well as strip away copper and lead fouling inside the bore. The cleaner is even safe for use on wood and leather, so your grips, stocks, holsters and slings can be maintained as well. The cleaning compound will not attack polymer or other synthetic material, so polymer-frame pistols and Kydex holsters are safe. The only warning the company puts on the cleaner is that it shouldn't be used on painted surfaces.

The company's multi-caliber kits are contained in compact, zippered cases made from water-resistant Nylon, so they'll fit well in any range bag. The pistol kit comes with four brushes, designed for use in .22-, .38-, .40- and .45-caliber handguns. Rifle shooters get even-more caliber options, starting with .17-caliber and moving up to .22-, .243-, .270-, .30-, .375- and .45-caliber options. Shotgunners have .410-bore, 20- and 12-gauge options available. Each kit also includes a scrubbing brush, patch pullers, cotton patches and a 12-inch cable for the pistol kit and a 39-inch cable for the rifle and shotgun kits.

The suggested retail price on all Clenzoil Multi-Caliber Gun-Cleaning Kits is $39.99.

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