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New for 2019: Alamo Precision Rifles APR Gen II Action

New for 2019: Alamo Precision Rifles APR Gen II Action

Going into 2019, Alamo Precision Rifles worked with Thompson Leh, a high-end manufacturer of custom rifle action and handgun slides, to produce a Gen II model of the company's well-regarded APR rifle action. This new APR Gen II rifle action is designed to incorporate many of the sought-after features found in expensive, custom rifles while still remaining attainable to today's growing market of custom-rifle builders.

"The original APR action came about as an attempt to create a higher quality, yet cost-effective alternative to a trued factory action," Alamo Precision Rifles Owner Robert Waggoner said. "It was really intended to fill a specific niche in our hunting build lineup, which it does very well. However, we immediately began getting requests for a version geared more towards the long range/tactical and DIY market. We were completely on board with the idea, as this category represents a large part of our core business."

Built on a standard Remington 700 action footprint, the Alamo Precision Rifles APR Gen II action features a one-piece, spiral-fluted bolt complete with controlled-round feed and a mechanical ejector. A bolt release is located at the side of the action, and the unit is outfitted with a tactical-style, oversized knob for easy, fast working of the bolt.The bolt face itself features a firing-pin diameter of .062 inch, allowing the action to use SRP brass cases.

The action itself is built with a double-pinned .250-inch recoil lug and is compatible with all Remington 700-style triggers. The fire-control group can be removed and replaced without the use of tools. Inside the action, wire-EDM raceways ensure that tight tolerances are held, allowing for smooth, trouble-free cycling of the bolt. 1 1/16x20 TPI action threads allow users to attach pre-fit, Savage-style barrels with ease.

At the top of the action, consumers will find 8x40 scope-base holes, as well as a 20-MOA Picatinny optics rail that's pinned into place to ensure a solid mount. The ejection port features a smaller cutout that allows for a stronger, more-rigid action while simultaneously allowing for enough clearance for the reliable ejection of spent cases. The entire action is treated with a complete DLC coating, protecting the unit from corrosion while also enhancing lubricity for smoother performance.

"We are excited with the results and very pleased that we were able to keep the costs down to a level that makes this version every bit the value that the original APR action represents," Waggoner said.

Short- and long-action options are available for both standard .308-Win. and magnum bolt faces. The suggested retail price on the Alamo Precision Rifles APR Gen II action is $825.

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