First Look: Sako S20 Precision Rifle

posted on January 31, 2021

Rifle company Sako has brought out their new S20 Precision Rifle for 2021. The S20 is a versatile rifle full of modular features you can change out depending on whether you are hunting or target shooting.

The S20 Precision features a sculpted rear stock with an adjustable cheekpiece and recoil pad, allowing the shooter to adapt the S20 to fit. An accessory monopod can be fitted for added stability, and the trigger can also be adjusted on the front and back by a total of 7 mm.

A replaceable forend features M-Lok openings to allow for the optional Barricade Stop & other mountable accessories. The S20 is available with 5- or 10-round magazines (3- and 7-round for magnum calibers) and features a unique design for extra length for reloaders who want a little more space to seat rounds out further.

The new receiver has a full-length bedding design for stability and reliability and houses a brand-new stainless steel, three-lug bolt with over 75 mm of contact area for the most engagement and safety. Another new feature is the Picatinny rail machined into the top of the receiver, meaning more rigidity for the user. Engaging the safety on the S20 brings up a firing pin block, giving the user peace of mind in even the most rigorous conditions.

The barrel of the S20 is a stainless-steel fluted design with a Cerakote finish for durability and great looks. The barrel incorporates a 5/8 x 24 Threaded crown with an included protection cap. MSRP is $1,799.


  • Action: 3-Lug stainless bolt, push-feed, plunger ejection
  • Caliber: .243 Win., .308 Win., 6.5 CM, .270 Win., .30-06, 7 mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag., 6.5 PRC
  • Stock: Polymer over aluminum chassis
  • Finish: Cerakote over stainless steel
  • Safety: Two-position safety with separate bolt-release button
  • Trigger: Two-stage, adjustable from 2 pounds to 4 pounds, adjustable for position
  • Magazine: 5-Round (3-round Magnum) & 10-round (7-round Magnum)
  • Receiver-Integrated Picatinny rail
  • MSRP: $1,799


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