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HPR 125-Grain .38 Spl. Ammunition

HPR 125-Grain .38 Spl. Ammunition

While it may previously have been claimed that .38 Spl. ammo should be 158-grain for bullet weight, sometimes you want a little more vitesse in your carry ammunition. In that case, the folks at HPR have you covered.

HPR Ammunition's HyperClean 125-grain .38 Spl. TMJ bullet offers consistent powder configuration with minimal spread in velocity, ensuring consistent ammunition for any need. The 125-grain bullet offers increased velocity over the standard 158-grain variant while still providing a training round very similar to defensive ammunition.

For those that carry HPR's 125-grain JHP ammunition, this TMJ offering allows practice to occur with the same bullet weight and feel. Optimize your defensive practice with less-expensive TMJ rounds that offer similar handling to the JHP carried for defense.

MSRP: $22.99/50-round box.

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