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.38 Spl. +P 125-grain Remington Ultimate Home Defense BJHP

.38 Spl. +P 125-grain Remington Ultimate Home Defense BJHP

To capture the current consumer interest in personal-protection and home-defense, Remington launched a new line of ammunition targeting that market. This ammo is based around the company's popular Golden Saber bullet, which has a jacket made from cartridge brass instead of pure copper or gilding metal. This allows the jacket to bend instead of break and helps the bullet stay together when fired into soft tissue. Even out of a short-barreled Model 36 Chief's Special, this load expanded to almost 1.7 times its original diameter and penetrated to an optimal 10 inches in bare gelatin.

Shooting Results
Load IV (fps) PEN (inches) ED (inch) RW (grains)
.38 Spl. +P 125-grain Remington Home Defense 940 10.00 .57 125
.38 Spl. hollow point Remington

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