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Saving the Best For "Last"

For 1911 mavens like me I attribute any changes to the like dowsing fillet mignon...

9 mm Wilson Combat 115-grain XTP HP

Though new to the consumer ammunition market, Wilson Combat has a host of loads that...

Frangible Ammo for Self-Defense?

Should you use frangible ammunition in your home-defense or concealed-carry gun?

Frangible Ammo no Longer Limited to LE

The major ammo companies have produced frangible-bullet loads for some time, but they have been...

Frangible Ammo

When you train up close and personal with steel targets, there's a better choice than...

Why the .30 Rem. AR Matters

Here's the way I see it: Until now, we've not had a true hunting cartridge,...

.22 LR 40-grain CCI Velocitor (5-inch barrel)

Will this rimfire varmint load perform better out of a longer barrel?

.22 LR CCI Velocitor (2.4 inch barrel)

How does a great small-game load perform out of a snub-nose revolver?

.357 SIG

One of the sleepers of modern pistol cartridges is slowly slipping away from us.

Establishing Reliability in Your Ammo

How many rounds do you need to fire through your defensive handgun to determine dependability?

9 mm Federal 105-grain EFMJ/PDLR

Federal's Expanding Full Metal Jacket (EFMJ) bullet is an ingenious solution to the problem of...

.50 BMG 750 Grain A-Max Gallery

Think you shoot a real "manly" cartridge? After taking a look at this gallery, you...

Fat Tuesday

We celebrate Mardi Gras in our own special way.

Winchester Ranger Ammunition Recall

Do not use Winchester Ranger .223 Rem. 64-grain Power-Point Ammunition with a lot number ending...

380 ACP Wilson Combat 90-grain Hornady XTP

Wilson Combat only began manufacturing ammunition in 2010. Well, that's not exactly true. The company...
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