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Goex Powder is Reborn

After experiencing a production interruption on June 7 2011 Goex is now back in full...

.45 ACP +P DoubleTap 160-grain Barnes TAC-XP

A suggestion at SHOT Show led DoubleTap to double-time design and production of this optimal...

Review: Federal Guard Dog

Few things are as comforting as a dependable guard dog, and Federal's packs a mean...

.357 Mag. Buffalo Barnes 125-grain Barnes XPB Lead Free Tactical Low Flash Short Barrel

This load combines the power for which Buffalo Bore is known with a devastating bullet...

.380 ACP Remington 88-grain JHP

How does this .380 ACP load perform through a short-barreled pocket gun?

.45 ACP Federal 230-grain Hydra-Shok (3-inch barrel)

Does a proven .45 ACP load provide fight-stopping performance through a short-barreled 1911?

Knight's Armament BulletFlight M App

A former SOF sniper reviews one of the most comprehensive ballistic apps on the market.

.380 ACP +P Buffalo Bore 100-grain Hard-Cast

Looking for a powerful .380 ACP load for your concealed-carry semi-auto? Here's one.

Problems with Primers

Some things have been repeated enough they're considered fact. This is particularly true regarding internal...

.38 Spl. Buffalo Bore 158-grain +P Outdoorsman

Never doubt the penetration potential of a hard-cast bullet.


A look at the stuff that makes bullets fly, from the earliest black powder to...

.357 Mag. Wilson Combat 125-grain XPB

Wilson Combat is offering the hardest-hitting .357 Mag. load we've tested.

New Life for the .380 ACP

It may be only three-quarters the size of a .45 ACP, but the tough little...

No More Misses, With Guided Bullets

What do you get when you combine the talents of two hardcore hunting and shooting...

Buckshot Basics

How much do you know about buckshot?
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