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.380 ACP Winchester PDX1 95-grain JHP

Looking for a great defensive load for your pocket .380? Look no further.

HPR Ammunition Storms the Firearms and Hunting Industry in 2012 with High Performance Ammo

HPR (High Precision Range) is manufactured in Payson, Arizona and has been distributing ammunition regionally...

.40 S&W Federal 135-grain Hydra-Shok PDLR

Does this low-recoil load have enough punch for self-defense?

.40 S&W DoubleTap 180-grain Nosler JHP

Think Nosler target bullets aren't appropriate for self-defense? Think again.

.327 Fed. Mag. Buffalo Bore 100-grain JHP

The .327 Fed. Mag. is a cartridge worthy of respect, as these tests demonstrate.

.45 ACP Remington 185-grain Golden Saber

This standard-pressure .45 ACP load provides excellent penetration in ordnance gelatin.

.380 ACP +P Buffalo Bore 90-grain JHP

Buffalo Bore has a reputation for building quality ammunition that delivers in terms of accuracy...

7.62×40 WT

Wilson Combat's new cartridge is an innovative way to turn a standard AR-15 upper receiver...

125-Grain MatchKing

New .30-Caliber (.308 diameter) bullets from one of the most trusted names in the field.

.45 ACP +P 165-grain Pow'RBall

How does one of the original polymer-nose-cap bullets perform?

9 mm +P Winchester PDX1 124-grain HP

Winchester PDX1 loads are a great choice for home defense. How does a +P version...

Setpoint Ammunition Announces Berger Bullets Agreement

Setpoint Ammunition continues to grow rifle projectile offerings in the only web-based ammunition configuration and...

.357 Mag. Federal 125-grain JHP

This .357 Mag. load lives up to the magnum moniker, and then some.

Lapua 300-grain Scenar

One of the best .338 Lapua Mag. loads on the market comes, unsurprisingly, from Lapua.

.357 Mag. Barnes 140-grain VOR-TX XPB-HP

Barnes Bullets has been offering loaded ammunition for about a year, and this .357 Mag....
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