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Elftmann Tactical: Dual Enhancement Trigger (D-TR)

The Elftmann Tactical Dual Enhancement Trigger combines the utility of a battle rifle trigger with...

The Spirit of the Bayonet

Bayonets, like hand grenades, have a specific time and place for use. Think of them...

Old Dominion Leads Country in Machine Gun Ownership

Among the myriad federal firearms laws currently enforced in the U.S., fewer are more commonly...

Semi-Automatic Handgun Reloading

Learn how to properly and effectively reload a semi-automatic handgun from a former SOF sniper.

Camillus Les Stroud Survivorman Machete

Renowned survival expert and Survivorman TV personality Les Stroud partnered with Camillus Knives on the...

Warrior Wednesday: HMLA-469

Marine Attack Helicopter Squadron 469 and their mission.

.38 Super +P Buffalo Bore 124-grain JHP

If you can handle the power, this load may be ideal for .38 Super fans.

The Mental Trigger

We continue to express the importance of having a defensive plan.

TacTricks with Patrick Kelley: Pat's Pain

Can Patrick Kelley pop a pill at 21 feet with a .45 ACP?

CrossBreed Holsters Offers New Ankle Rig

CrossBreed Holsters is proud to introduce the Ankle Rig holster to its product line.

Israel Weapon Industries Introduces Conversion Kit for 5.45mm for the X95 Assault Rifle

The new kit makes the bullpup platform capable of functioning as a rifle, carbine or...

A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

Mr. Gibbs was an old-time deputy sheriff, a good investigator and good with people. He...

Arsenal, Inc.'s Milled-Receiver SLR-101S

These new production, imported rifles, made from hot forgings and then milled, will offer the...

Warrior Wednesday: RIMPAC Fire Support

U.S. Marines and counterparts from eight other countries continue to forge ahead, running toward the...

.38 Super +P Wilson Combat 115-grain JHP

Find out how this lightning-fast load performs.
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