I Carry: Staccato C2 9mm Pistol in a Henry Holsters Cipher Holster

Today on I Carry we have a Staccato C2 9mm pistol in a Henry Holsters Cipher holster with a CRKT knife.

posted on November 24, 2023

Firearm: Staccato C2 (MSRP: $2,299)

We’ve included the Staccato C2 9 mm pistol in today’s kit thanks in part to the renewed interest in double-stack 1911-style pistols. Staccato has been in the double-stack 1911 game for decades, starting out as STI International and transitioning to the Staccato2011 brand in 2020. Double-stack 9 mm pistols have been available from STI/Staccato since the 1990s, rivalling only ParaOrdnance (which is no longer in business). To say the company knows a thing or two about double-stack 1911s would be a gross understatement; heck, it’s part of the name.

The Staccato C2 represents one of the greatest crossovers in the firearm world. It’s virtually identical in size to the Glock G19, one of the most ubiquitous concealed carry choices for more than 30 years now. Overall length of the C2 is 7.4 inches to the 7.36 of the Glock; width is 1.3 inches compared to 1.26 on the Glock. Height and weight are where the most significant differences arise: the C2’s height is 5.6 inches compared to 5.1 on the Glock, while the C2 weighs 25 ounces compared to 23.6 on the Glock. The extra size in height is at least partially explained by increased capacity: the C2 has an extra round over the G19. What it boils down to is, if you can comfortably carry a Glock G19, you can carry the Staccato C2.

So, why would you opt for the C2, then? Well, first, second and third, there’s that trigger. The 1911 in general is known for having a superior trigger to striker-fired pistols, and the trigger in the C2 is no exception. Staccato lists the trigger pull weight on the C2 as 4 to 4.5 pounds, and why that’s only a pound or so less than the Glock, for instance, there’s more to the pull than mere weight. The Staccato’s trigger is crisp, clean, and a half-dozen or so other adjectives that mean “really, really good” when it comes to a handgun trigger. It really is that “all that,” and I’d advise anyone thinking of getting a Staccato to shoot one first. The expression may be “seeing is believing,” but in this instance, shooting is believing.

What the Staccato C2 does really well is to merge the excellent trigger of the 1911 with the capacity and size of the compact, striker-fired handgun. Government and Commander model 1911s are often eclipsed by polymer-frame double stacks, with significantly heavier weight and lower capacity cited as the reasons people choose polymer. With the C2, these two stumbling blocks are removed, resulting in a handgun that shoots like a 1911 and carries like a G19, an excellent all-around option for an EDC handgun.

Holster: Henry Holsters Cipher holster (MSRP: $105)

While it’s traditional to pair a 1911 with a leather outside-the-waistband holster, the Staccato C2 is technically a 2011, and therefore we are permitted to use a kydex holster. Kidding aside, we’ve chosen the excellent Cipher from Henry Holsters for this kit, offering an appendix-carry inside-the-waistband position for the C2 to minimize printing while maximizing accessibility. The C2 is a medium-to-largish handgun, especially with an optic attached, and carrying it at the midline helps aid in concealment.

The Cipher holster comes with two DCC Mod4 tuckable clips to attach to the belt as well as a Modwing to help position the grip closer to the body. The single-sheet construction keeps the holster minimalist yet robust, while still allowing ambidextrous carry, a mid-length sweatguard and an open muzzle for threaded barrels, comps or other devices. The Cipher is even compatible with the Enigma deep-concealment system from PHLster for the ultimate in discreet carry.

Accessory: CRKT Redemption knife (MSRP: $225)


Rounding out today’s kit is Columbia River Knife & Tool's (CRKT) Redemption pocketknife. This unique knife operates on inertia, with CRKT’s proprietary Crossbar Lock releasing the blade from the handle and allowing it to swing into the open position. It is a simple, fluid motion that relies on CRKT’s IKBS ball-bearing system and inertia to swing the blade open, locking in position once fully extended. To close, you simply press the Crossbar Lock a second time and the blade is then free to swing back into the handle.

Constructed of G10, the scales offer excellent purchase and terminate in an attractive stainless steel bolster. The pocket clip is reversible for left- or right-pocket carry, and the Crossbar Lock is present on both sides of the knife for true ambidextrous operation. Blade construction is CPM Magnacut steel, known for toughness and edge retention, and offers a spear point with a single edge. Overall length is 9.2 inches open, with a 4.1-inch blade, and weight is 4.9 ounces.


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