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Sheriff Jim Wilson

Don't Overlook The Shoulder Holster

Paging Detectives Crockett and Callahan! The shoulder holster is still around, and has its place...

Does Your Safe Room Have an Emergency Exit?

A safe room in your house is vital, but so is a plan to escape...

Keep Your Eyes Open

Do you create a flexible defensive plan everywhere you go?

A Pet Peeve

The Sheriff advises against using a popular training term.

The 21-Foot Rule

If you are attacked from inside of 21 feet, you will have to adjust your...

The Deadly Zone

Avoiding close-in confrontation is the best way to stay alive.

Advice from a Pro

A late law enforcement legend had some great ideas regarding self-defense with firearms.

A Great Resource

A new book from Richard Mann is an excellent guide for new and experienced shooters...

Welcome the Newbies

Experienced shooters should help new gun owners at the range, and do so thoughtfully.

Check Your Ammo

To ensure your defensive ammunition will safely fire, you should regularly change and check it.

Keep It Handy

If you have a concealed-carry permit, use it! You cannot predict when you might need...

Say What?

Adequate hearing protection is a key element of firearm safety.

Protecting Your Dog

Do you include your dog in your home-defense plan?

The Scout Scope

One of the key features of a Scout Rifle is its forward-mounted optic.

The Scout Rifle Concept

Let's be clear about this: Col. Jeff Cooper did not invent the Scout Rifle, he...
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