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Shotgun Springs

One of the least expensive shotgun parts is absolutely critical to reliability.

Crossed-Thumbs Revolver Grip

Did you buy an ultra-lightweight or polymer revolver and find the recoil to be a...

What's Your Veinte, Amigo?

New revelations about Mexican drug cartels' operations raise some questions.

Tactical Bullets for .30 Rem. AR Handloads

With the right bullet, the .30 Rem. AR can be a formidable personal-defense cartridge.

.30 Rem. AR

The .30 Rem. AR may have been quickly labeled a deer-hunting cartridge, but does this...

9 mm Remington 147-grain JHP Subsonic

There has been a long running debate over whether 147-grain subsonic 9 mm loads—even 147-grain...

Carson Introduces the C6 Series of Screen and Lens Cleaners

Keeping your optical lenses clean and in top notch condition is always a challenge. Carson's...

Hornady Z-Max Bullets

Just in case the undead are reinforced by undead animals.....you never know.

Setpoint Ammunition Wins 'Greatest Potential' Award

Setpoint Ammunition was awarded the esteemed 2011 Entrepreneur Excellence Award for "Greatest Potential" from the...

Holiday Classics Gallery

Holiday music got you down? If we get our wish, next year the airwaves will...

Public Lands Remain Open to Shooters—For Now

Concern that thousands of acres of public land could be declared off limits to recreational...

Safer Sanctuaries

No matter your faith, houses of worship are supposed to be safe havens from the...

J. Dewey Mfg. AR-15 Field Kit

Keep your AR clean on the go with this compact kit that's easy to carry,...

Hanukkah and Self-Defense

Happy Hanukkah to all. Did you know the holiday marks an important milestone in theological...

.380 ACP Winchester PDX1 95-grain JHP

Looking for a great defensive load for your pocket .380? Look no further.
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