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A Case for Corrosive Ammo

The price may be much lower than conventional fodder, but do the disadvantages of corrosive-primed...

+P or Not +P

That is the question. Are you better protected with +P ammunition in your handgun?

Blue Force Gear Tactical Rig

Keep the essentials organized and quickly accessible without becoming sluggish under the load.

The Best of Bullpups

Without question, it’s easy to find yourself in sensory overload at the SHOT show, due...

Interest in CCW Permits Continues

While the well-publicized upsurge in personal-protection firearms sales taking place during 2009 and most of...

Palm Pistol Drop Test Video

The Palm Pistol exists, and here's the proof!

.380 ACP Speer 90-grain GoldDot HP

Is this the best .380 ACP load available? Find out if its terminal performance meets...


Natural rests aren't the only alternative for aiding precise shot placement.

Mil, MOA or inches?

Sometimes it feels like you need a cheat sheet to keep up with nomenclature often...

The Ruger LCR Today

There have been some dynamic events in the world of compact (or snub-nose) revolvers.

How to Survive a Terrorist Attack

As the likelihood of a small-scale act of terrorism continues to increase, SIG Sauer Academy's...

Zel Custom Tactilite T1 in .338 Lapua Mag.

The modularity of modern firearms is one of their appealing features, and the Tactilite T1...

Zel Custom Tactilite T1 in .338 Lapua Mag. Gallery

ShootingIllustrated.com also did an in-depth review of the T1.

Colt New Agent

Colt redesigned its famed New Agent, adding a double-action trigger and removing any unnecessary parts...

Hush Hush of the Highest Standard

Arms Tech is offering a reproduction of a legendary pistol designed for the OSS.
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