Vortex Acquires GeoBallistics

Vortex to take over customer service and support for the app.

posted on March 2, 2023

Vortex announced last week that it has acquired GeoBallistics, a Dallas, TX-based business the provides ballistic mobile application software. The philosophy of both firms is closely aligned, building a synergy to create an improved experience for consumers.

“We’re always looking for new ways to help Vortex Nation enjoy unforgettable experiences in the field,” said Joe Hamilton, Vortex CEO. “Acquiring GeoBallistics means we can offer both consistency in our product line and make long-range ballistics simpler and more accessible for everyone.”

GeoBallistics products will be added to the Vortex portfolio to continue to enhance and simplify hunting and shooting, while providing critical information quickly and accurately. Vortex is committed to the platform for future ballistics-equipped optics,

For shooters already utilizing the GeoBallistics suite, nothing in the software and app experience will change. Vortex will, however, be providing customer service and support.

GeoBallistics was established in 2014 by a pair of friends in the predator hunting business who leveraged satellite imagery as a method of accurately ranging targets during darkness hours. The approach proved successful and spawned an entire suite for long-distance firing solutions. More than 100,000 competitive shooters, hunters and law enforcement personnel are current users of the application.

Vortex is headquartered in Barneveld, WI, and was officially established in 2002, although its foundation was laid long before. In 1986 Dan and Margie Hamilton founded Sheltered Wings, now doing business as Vortex. Sons Joe, Dave, Sam and Jimmy joined them soon after, and the firm remains American-, family- and veteran-owned  and operated. Today the company has more than 300 team members.

As for performance, last year the United States Army awarded Vortex the contract to deliver up to a quarter million XM157 Next Generation Squad Weapons-Fire Control (NGSW-FC) systems. The optics will be riding atop the Army’s new 6.8 mm-chambered SIG Sauer rifle.


firearm laying on ammo
firearm laying on ammo

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