Versa Carry Handgun Concealment System

posted on August 24, 2011
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You've probably kicked yourself all the way home wondering how you could be so stupid as to overlook an obvious, but potentially lucrative idea. That's kind of what I did when a young man named Justin Sitz from Texas sent me the Versa Carry. Well, not exactly. When I first opened the package I thought it was one of those gimmicks that would not work. However, I did my due diligence as a firearms journalist—a sexy way of saying gunwriter—and tried it. That's when the stupid feeling hit me.

Most that do it will agree—carrying a handgun is supposed to be comforting, but not necessarily comfortable. I know this as well as anyone. I've been carrying a handgun most of my life, and even small ones are difficult to comfortably conceal. This is especially true when it's as hot outside as it is in Chef Gordon Ramsay's kitchen. Warm weather, where guys wear shorts and a T-shirt and girls wear short shorts, make it difficult (or virtually impossible in this case) to hide even a pocketknife.

I'm heading to the beach next week with my family, and I'll be armed just like when I go anywhere else, but I won't be carrying my Colt Commander. Why? Because I'm not going to wear enough clothes to conceal a pistol that big. I'll be carrying a Diamondback DB380, and I'll be carrying it with the Versa Carry System—a very simple holster system that reminds me of the OSS string holster.

The Versa Carry system is nothing more than a belt clip with a barrel stud. The barrel stud fits inside your barrel and, because of its angle, provides a friction fit on the gun. Slide the Versa Carry and the handgun inside your waistband, and the clip grabs your belt, holding the rig in place. The Versa Carry is totally ambidextrous and will work on either side of your pistol. With a smooth-sided, compact handgun like the Diamondback DB380, you might forget you're wearing a gun at all.

Some will argue it's not a good idea to stick a barrel stud in your handgun. At first blush, it might seem weird, but so is eating oysters or imagining someday you really will shoot a zombie. Weird is not the same thing as wrong. For example, if you have ever been to Gunsite and went into any of the restrooms you'll find two rods. One is marked 9 mm and the other .45. Prior to dropping your drawers, you are supposed to slip your sidearm on one of these rods, barrel first. Nope, nothing wrong with a polymer rod in your barrel while carrying a handgun.

What if you pull the gun and the Versa Carry comes out with it? It's unlikely, but hey, anything's possible, right? Some folks just don't just feel stupid, they actually are. Here's the deal: If that happens, it's still safe to shoot the gun with the Versa Carry attached via the barrel stud—it shoots out along with the bullet. Your accuracy for that first round might be degraded, but your handgun will not blow up. Sitz was smart enough to engineer the Versa Carry so that it is not a true barrel obstruction and he has thoroughly tested this possibility.

This unique holster concept was dreamed up by Sitz, on his own. He's not wealthy, and he doesn't own a big company or 20 Texas oil rigs. He's struggling to make it through every day, just like you and me. Last year, his house burned down and through hard work and perseverance, he has managed to bring the Versa Carry to market despite that adversity. It's kind of nice to know when you buy a product the profits will be spent on a truck payment or a night on the town with a guy's girlfriend, not just shoved into some tax shelter.

Talking to Sitz, you get the feeling he's just a good ol' country boy. You get that feeling because that's exactly what he is, but he had a good idea. And, he's smart—smart enough to make me feel stupid that I did not think of the Versa Carry before he did. That's probably a good thing, though. I might have called it the "Rod in Your Pants Holster," or something worse. Of course, Sitz can tell you about the Versa Carry better than I can, so here he is:

In this business, you don't see something truly innovative that you have to have every day. When you do, it usually costs too much, so you buy another video game or lingerie for your girl hoping luck swings your way. Not so with the Versa Carry. If you're looking for a secure and comfortable way to carry a compact handgun, I strongly suggest you give one a try. At just $19.95, it won't break the bank and if you don't like it, clip it over your sun visor and hang your fuzzy dice on it. You know, I should have thought of the fuzzy dice, too. My truck would be paid for by now.

Here I am using the Versa Carry with the Diamondback DB380:


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