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posted on January 11, 2012
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Retail buyers at the World's largest shooting, hunting, and outdoor trade show are going to see a very unique handgun safe that's receiving a lot of attention. Within the safe industry it's generally understood there's not too much companies can do to improve upon or distinguish one safe over another as they're all basically "a box with a lock" but the Titan Gun Safe has done just that - they've built a better mouse trap!

The Titan Gun Safe has proven itself to be not just another box with a lock, said Titan Gun Safe's media representative Todd Bluechel; in fact it's a safe that offers absolute piece of mind. When asked to explain how a safe can offer piece of mind Bluechel demonstrated some of the safes unique characteristics that did in fact separate the Titan Gun Safe from all others.

To begin with, Titan Gun Safe uses a mechanical lock. During development several years ago the inventor, Mr.Miresmaili, researched biometric and other electronic locks because they were a "hot" and "trendy" item but what he concluded from his independent research was all electronic locks have too many problems including battery failure due to temperature fluctuations, electro static, and moisture. Additionally, he learned all electronic locks use solenoid for actuation and their latching actuators are not capable of retracting more than 1/8 of an inch (most have no more than 1/16 of an inch engagement ) rendering them unsafe and easy to open.

The Titan Gun Safes second unique feature would have to be its portability. Unlike other handgun safes that claim to be portable, simply because they're a box you can carry with you, the Titan Gun Safe is designed to be securely fastened to multiple locations with the two docking plates included - additional plates can be purchased separately. Using a patented locking arm from within the safe, the user can effortlessly move the safefrom one location to another.Two of the most popular docking locations are under the bed (attached to the bed frame) and within a car or truck. When handgun owners first learn about these two docking options a blissful twinkle can be seen in their eye Bluechel says. Access to one's handgun late at night when the lights are off has never been easier - the owner simply reaches for the safe, enters his push button code and in seconds is armed in while still in bed! Additionally, cars, truck, RV etc. docking options arealso generating a lot of interest. The ability to legally drive with one's handgun and ammo within reach has never been easier.

Titan Gun Safes last and possibly best unique feature has to be its ability to safely place the handgun into the owners hand when the safe door is opened. Titan's built in a patented pull up and out gun holster literally moves the handgun out of the safe and into position ready to grasp. The holster itself covers the trigger, and when the gun is extracted, the butt section is exposed. Grasping the butt section and extracting the handgun automatically places the owners trigger finger above the trigger - not on the trigger. Unlike all other handgun safes that do not have this automatic deployment option, there's an inherent risk of accidental discharge each and every time the gun is taken out. For more information about this exceptionally unique and exciting handgun safe I suggest you take a moment to watch the demonstration video on their website: titangunsafes.com


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