The Winning Combination

Having the desire to stay safe is great. Having the means and the skills is even better. 

posted on December 24, 2022
Sheriff Jim Wilson

I recently saw this interesting quote on social media: “Willingness is a state of mind. Readiness is a state of fact.” While this may apply to any number of situations, it is critically important to the armed citizen, so I call it the winning combination.

To be truly effective in one's own defense, the armed citizen needs to accept the fact that evil and violence do, in fact, exist. They also need to understand that it can happen anywhere, not just in the big cities but even in the little suburban or rural community. And, criminal violence is not a respecter of age, gender or social station; it can happen to anyone. And so, the citizen realizes they are a potential target, regardless of their station in life. It exists, and we can’t run away from it.

We reach a point where we realize that we--each of us--are responsible for our own safety. Since we really have no choice, we reach a point where we are willing to deal with criminal violence head on. We don’t go looking for trouble but, when it is visited upon us, we are willing to deal with it in a decisive manner.

Unfortunately, willingness, by itself, is not enough. We have to have the skill to carry out our defensive plan in an effective manner. For that reason, we budget our time and resources in order to get professional training. Professional training greatly increases our ability to deal with the criminal in a way that nothing else can. Then, we take the time--make the time--to practice what we have been taught. And, because shooting/fighting skills are quickly diminishing skills, training and the subsequent practice become a part of our continuing education. 

Personal defense is not about what one might have done on one particular occasion. It is all about what one can do the vast majority of the time, on demand. This has to do with our shooting/fighting skills as well as our willingness to deal with a criminal attack that is visited upon us.

Personal defense is a way of life, not a hobby. And willingness and readiness are equal parts of the recipe for survival.


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