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posted on April 25, 2014
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Walking around the Indiana Convention Center, it's interesting to see the evolving face of the gun culture. I had the good fortune to meet up with the Stockdale family from Hillsdale, MI. Dad was at the NRA Annual Meeting due to his affiliation with Hillsdale College, and decided to bring his wife and two young children to the meeting. Asked why they brought their children, the mom replied, "Introduce them early."

Talking to several gunbloggers on the show floor, it was immediately apparent that this year's show is off to an excellent start.

"20% of the way through the exhibits and my feet are already killing me. This is way more organized and convenient than years past." - JB Miller.

"The exhibit hall is huge! There's also far more marketing to women this year." - Ambulance Driver.

"Thrilling to meet Tam, Oleg, Ambulance Driver and others. Checked off my bird lifetime list." - New Jovian Thunderbolt.

"The atmosphere this year is a lot more positive than last year. People are more upbeat." - EMS Artifact.

"The biggest thing was watching the crowd blow up at 9:30 in the morning, and realizing that this was a work day. And it was raining. Tomorrow is going to be packed." - OldNFO.

"It is awesome to see so many freedom lovers in one place." - Kathy Jackson.

"Lots of floor space this year. Very well organized." - Dennis, Dragon Leatherworks.

From the atmosphere of the crowd to the accommodating venue, it's clear that the 143rd Annual Meeting of the NRA is off to an excellent start. Tomorrow should bring even larger crowds, but it seems as though the city of Indianapolis can handle it. Crowded exhibit halls and packed seminars are a very good thing for our Second Amendment future.


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