Smith & Wesson Begins Shipping Governor Revolver and Walther PPQ Pistol

posted on July 5, 2011

Both the Smith & Wesson Governor and Walther PPQ were specifically engineered to address needs in the personal protection market while at the same time, carrying forward the innovation and reliability of two of the industry's most recognized firearm companies."Together, Smith & Wesson and Walther have over 280 years of combined experience in the firearm industry," said James Debney, President of Firearms for Smith & Wesson. "This rich history of product innovation and quality manufacturing is brought to the forefront in both the new Governor revolver and PPQ pistol. Each of these products exemplifies the finer qualities of both companies while serving as a valuable tool for a wide variety of self-defense applications."

Smith & Wesson Governor
Appropriately named the Governor for its authoritative appearance and specialized features, this new-age revolver provides discerning consumers with an essential tool for self-defense needs. At the core of the revolver is Smith & Wesson's patented heat-treated scandium frame for superior strength and reduced weight. Capable of chambering a mixture of .45 Colt, .45 ACP and .410 gauge 2½-inch shotshells, the Governor allows users the ability to customize the load of their firearm to meet individual preferences. The shooter's choice of ammunition is housed in the revolver's six-shot stainless PVD-coated cylinder, which adds an extra level of protection to this already rugged platform.

On top of the revolver's compact 2¾-inch barrel, Smith & Wesson has added a dovetailed Tritium front night sight for enhanced accuracy in low-light conditions, while the Governor's fixed rear sight is aptly suited for this self-defense handgun. Measuring 8½ inches in overall length with an unloaded weight of 29.6 ounces, the Governor is further suited for personal protection with its matte black finish, optional factory-installed Crimson Trace Lasergrips® and renowned smooth double-action and crisp single-action trigger pull. Accurate, rugged and reliable, the Governor is shipped complete with 2-round and 6-round moon clips that provide the ultimate in ammunition flexibility.

Walther PPQ
Designed to be a popular choice for both law enforcement and personal protection uses, the PPQ pistol is backed by Walther's 125 years of dedication and technical expertise. The new line of polymer-frame pistols is available in both 9mm and .40 S&W and each model has been enhanced with a smooth action and short trigger reset made possible by the Walther Quick Defense Trigger. With its short travel, light trigger pull and quick audible reset, the new trigger design not only helps improve accuracy but also allows for a well-placed follow-up shot should the need arise. Additional features designed to improve handling of the firearm include front and rear slide serrations, an extended, ambidextrous slide stop as well as an ambidextrous magazine release located on the trigger guard.

The Walther PPQ can accommodate users of different stature with its small, medium and large backstrap, while the pistol's cross-directional textured Tactical Grip enables a positive feel in any environment. On top of the 4-inch barrel, the PPQ is standard with a three-dot sight configuration with an adjustable rear sight for accurate shot placement. Additional features include a picatinny-style equipment rail, loaded chamber indicator and black finish. The 9mm version of the PPQ is standard with a 15-round capacity while the .40 S&W pistol holds 12 rounds. When extra capacity is required, an optional 17-round 9mm and a 14-round .40 S&W magazine is available. Manufactured to be easily and quickly reassembled and disassembled without the need of tools, the Walther PPQ is shipped complete with two magazines and a thumb loader.


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