SIGnificant P365 Upgrades

Amp-up your SIG Sauer P365 with the following premium components.

posted on June 16, 2022
SIG P365 Upgrades

A. SIG Sauer’s Micro-Compact 12RD Magazine enhances the capacity of the P365 line of micro-compact pistols. An included baseplate slides over the steel magazine body, fitting flush with the P365X/XL and extending past the grip on the P365. MSRP: $49.99;

B. Available in two different finishes for the P365, ZEV Technologies’ Z365XL Octane Slide offers consumers ergonomic and practical enhancements over factory components—most noticeably a milled cut that allows the mounting of a RMSc-pattern optic without removing the rear sight. Slide-channeling serrations provide ample purchase whenever manipulation is required. Skeletonized cutouts make for a faster-moving slide and also enhance barrel-cooling properties. MSRP: $441;

C. Engineered for maximum shooting potential, the Wilson Combat Grip Module WCP365 offers enhanced ergonomics for an improved grip and greater concealed-carry potential. A high-cut, 1911-style beavertail grip tang facilitates smooth draws. The frontstrap has been undercut and reshaped, while the trigger guard is radiused. Aggressive texturing fore and aft along with the company’s Starburst grip pattern adorns the sides. Internal slots allow for the addition of optional rod-style Tungsten weights. Available models include P365/XL, with or without a manual safety. MSRP: $64.95;

D. Machined in-house from stress-relieved, 416-R stainless steel for durability and longevity, Faxon Firearms’ P365 Straight Fluted Barrel boasts a black-nitride coating for increased lubricity, enhanced resistance to wear and extended service life. All barrels are conventionally rifled to allow a wider range of ammunition—including cast lead—and will drop into factory-spec slides with no gunsmithing required. Better-than-factory tolerances ensure a consistent, tighter-than-OEM lockup. MSRP: $175;

E. Constructed from Biothane Super-Flex webbing, Henry Holsters’ Flint Compact AIWB/IWB Holster features a fold-over style that combines a minimalist design with practical features. A kick along the rear of the holster tips the muzzle outward while rotating the grip in toward the hip, enhancing concealment. The Flint Compact is adjustable for cant and ride height, and is available for select SIG Sauer and Glock pistols. MSRP: $75 to $95;


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