SHOT Show 2017: Highlights from Day Two

posted on January 18, 2017
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Shooting Illustrated traversed the SHOT Show floor in 2017, looking for the coolest new products from big and small names in the industry. On Day Two, we found a number of great products to look forward to in 2017. Here are 10 highlights:

The new EMP 1911 Concealed Carry Contour from Springfield Armory improves on the original EMP 4-inch 1911 from the company by adding a longer barrel along with a frame that features a trimmed bevel cut on the rear of the mainspring housing. According to Springfield, this contour helps to mold the frame to the shooter's hand, preventing "palm bite." In addition, the redesign helps to eliminate printing during concealed carry. The suggested retail price is $1,220.

Blackhawk rolled out a set of new AR furniture, all of which is featured on the new Savage MSR line. The lineup includes the new Knoxx Axiom A-Frame carbine stock, which features multiple QD sling attachment points, a proprietary shock-absorbing butt pad for heavier calibers and a forward length-of-pull adjustment cam. The suggested retail price on the stock is $59.95.

Other introductions include the Knoxx AR pistol grip, which is designed as an ergonomic upgrade in place of a standard A2-style grip. The Knoxx features improved ergonomics, with a palm swell and a textured gripping surface. The suggested retail price for the grip is $17.95. Finally, the company designed the No-Latch Ambi Charging Handle, which features an oversized polymer handle with an aluminum frame and the novel no-latch design, which allows for simplified manipulation for both left- and right-handed shooters. The suggested MSRP on the charging handle is $39.95.

Big news from the show this year includes the rollout of the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0, the next generation of the M&P line. Several improvements include an extended stainless-steel chassis and an improved grip-to-bore-axis ratio designed to limit muzzle rise. The gun also features enhanced texturing on the grip, as well as interchangeable grip inserts. The suggested retail price on the M&P M2.0 is $599.

A surprising introduction from Inland Manufacturing this year was the launch of the PM-22 suppressor, a marked departure from the company's focus on .30-caliber M1 Carbine reproductions. The new suppressor is designed specifically for rimfire .22 usage and features an I-Core monolithic disposable baffle system made from high-strength polymer. The suppressor also weighs in at 3.3 ounces, making it one of the lightest on the market.

The company says it has run at least 2,000 rounds through the suppressor with no issues, but intends for the threaded baffle system to be replaced at certain intervals. The suppressor itself retails for $189.95, while the disposable inserts will sell for $29.95 apiece.

Kel-Tec added to its KSG shotgun lineup for 2017 with the introduction of the KSG-25, a lengthened shotgun with added magazine capacity. The KSG-25 features a 30.5-inch barrel and can chamber up to 3-inch shells. The magazine capacity with 3-inch shells is 20+1, while the capacity with 2.75-inch shells is 24+1. Aguila 1.5-inch MiniShells also feed reliably in the shotgun, and the gun can hold 40+1 MiniShells. The gun weighs in at 9.25 pounds unloaded and retails for a suggested price of $1,400.

Bushnell added the new Elite Tactical LRTSi scope to its lineup, designed specifically for gas-operated precision rifles built on the AR platform. The optic features an illuminated G3 reticle, with illumination controls built into the parallax knob. The scope also features a ThrowHammer knob to aid in adjusting magnification. The Tactical LRTSi comes in 3-12x44 and 4.5-18x44 configurations.

The Magnum Research BFR revolver line saw a redesign and expansion for 2017, adding the monstrous wheelguns in big-bore calibers with white polymer Bisley grips. Of particular interest are the company's BFR revolvers chambered in .45-70 and featuring either a 7.5-inch barrel or a 10-inch barrel, along with the refined Bisley grip. The suggested retail price on the new revolver is $1,266.

Warne Scope Mounts added the AnglEye scope ring system to its lineup for 2017, giving extreme long-range shooters scope rings that can be adjusted from 0 MOA to 90 MOA, maximizing the amount of elevation that a scope has to offer. The rings can be used to zero a scope at long range using very little internal adjustment, giving shooters more adjustment range for long-range shots. The rings are CNC-machined from 7075 T6 aluminum and feature a mil-spec hardcoat anodized finish. The rings also features triple torque caps for maximum tube grip. The new rings are available in 30 mm and 34 mm diameters.

Beretta recently acquired the Victrix Armaments brand name, along with the company's line of precision rifles, including the Victrix Tormentum, which translates to "Victorious Torment" in Latin. This monstrous rifle, chambered in .408 Cheytac, is designed for extreme long-range shooting and features a 30-inch barrel built on a Marte CT 3-lug action. The rifle features a 45-MOA rail, features a two-stage adjustable trigger and weighs in at 28 pounds.

Browning added an upgraded model to its 1911-380 lineup for 2017 called the Black Label Medallion, which is available with 3-dot steel sights or night sights. The gun comes in either the full-size or compact size and features checkered Rosewood grips with an inset Browning Buckmark. The gun also features a bi-tone finish on the stainless-steel slide. The suggested retail price on the new Black Label Medallion is $799.99.


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