Sentry Solutions Introduces Armorer's Kit Deluxe

posted on January 11, 2012
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This new, compact and affordable Kit builds on the proven concept that choosing the right lube is what boosts the performance and reliability of firearms, rather than how you clean. Armorer's Kit Deluxe contains Smooth-Kote™, BP2000 Powder, Hi-Slip Grease, Tuf-Cloth, Tuf-Glide, Marine Tuf-Cloth, and Marine Tuf-Glide, along with lint-free application tools, patches, swabs, gloves and instructions for the care of 30 or more firearms.

Sentry Solutions Armorer's Kit Deluxe provides users with the latest in oil-free lubrication technology that enhances ballistic operation of firearms as it lubricates and protects; proving it is not how you clean but the choice of lubricant which boosts reliability. Sentry Solutions use several forms of molybdenum disulphide and proprietary lubricants to smooth and protect metal surfaces of firearms at the molecular level thus preventing gear from becoming dust magnets as seen with oil products. This Kit will upgrade the performance of any gun cleaning hardware you already own.

Sentry Solutions Smooth-Kote is a self-cleaning, dry lubricant and bore treatment that gives gun metal a grime-reducing, non-stick shield so dirt, residue and fouling are easily brushed away. Besides protecting the bore from fouling, thereby enhancing accuracy, Smooth-Kote™ lightens and smoothes trigger pulls and boosts performance in handguns, shotguns, rifles, sub-guns and muzzleloaders.

BP2000 Powder is excellent for fine tuning critical parts in firearms, from hammers and sears, to feed ramps, extractors and breach faces. BP2000 is applied by rubbing into the metal surfaces where it works microscopically. When used with SMOOTH-KOTE friction may be reduced by more than 20% compared to oil. Used by military marksmen for barrel break-in and conditioning, it decreases the number of rounds required to season a rifle barrel. BP2000 sustains accuracy for more rounds shot by reducing fouling, resulting in less cleaning and extended accuracy. SMOOTH-KOTE and BP2000 Powder are the No Build Up alternative to bullet coatings.

Hi-Slip Grease is a synthetic blend, it reduces friction and protects in environments from -65° to +650°. Used by U.S. Navy SEALs, Hi-Slip Grease is formulated to prevent galling and corrosion of all metals including titanium, stainless steel and aluminum even under high loads and extreme conditions. Hi-Slip Grease™ is ideal for locking locks, giving easier lock-up and silky smooth actions. Hi-Slip Grease is Sentry Solutions' only non-dry film product and was developed to offer the benefits of a self-healing film without the migration problems of traditional oils.

Tuf-Cloth and Marine Tuf-Cloth are oil-free, 12-inch square, lint-free cloths impregnated with a water displacing, micro-bonding agent that provides a dry shield against rust, friction and wear. Just wipe Tuf-Cloth on any metallic surface to provide long lasting, dry bonded, oil-free performance without attracting dirt or leaving a slippery, oily film. Tuf-Cloth is safe for plastics, exotic metals, all finishes and other materials such as antler, ivory, bone and wood. Tuf-Cloth is the ideal "in the field" cleaner; used by more than 60,000 troops during the war; combat proven, battlefield tested yet gentle enough for collectibles and exotic finishes. Marine Tuf-Cloth offers heavy duty protection with a specially enhanced waterproof shield against highly corrosive sea air and salt water environments. For Law Enforcement agencies on coastlines or Marine Patrols, the added protection prevents rust and corrosion from building up on everything from duty guns to tactical gear. Both Tuf-Cloths are conveniently packaged in resealable foil pouches for multiple uses. Tuf-Glide and Marine Tuf-Glide are liquid companions for the Tuf-Cloths; when used together they ensure 100% bonded protection for all tactical gear.

The Armorer's Kit Deluxe comes complete with cleaning accessories such as a lint-free cloth, gloves, cotton-tipped and lint-free swabs, pipe cleaners, application brush, patches, alcohol pads and detailed instructions. Available at retailers everywhere or visit Sentry Solutions at Join the conversation on Facebook at Sentry Solutions' Armorer's Kit Deluxe offers more than $80 of product value yet retails for just $64.95.


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